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    Les Paul Studio Faded

    I have 2010 Worn brown model. Mahogany cap and BB pickups. My neck feel very smooth so I guess it comes down to the individuality of each guitar. I would say keep looking, cause they are very nice guitars if you find one that connects with you.
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    NGD Blue Studio Pro Plus

    Very nice!!
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    NGD '60s Tribute

    Maybe I'll get one of these before they're all gone. Awesome guitars. Congrats!
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    NGD! My first real LP

    Great looking guitar. Nice flame in the top!!!
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    LP Tribute white out

    That's a great looking guitar. Great job!!!
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    NGD '60s Tribute

    Very sweet!! Congrats. That's my favorite color combo!!!
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    Argh! torn up between two guitar. One has to go.

    I think I would go with tone over feel. Your hands can adjust to the neck as long as it's not crazy. Sometimes tone is one of those intangible things that is just inherent in a guitar and even changing pickups might not replicate it.
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    NGD - 2009 Les Paul Standard

    Awesome Paul and a great price to boot. Hopefully one day I will luck out with a great deal on one!!!!
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    I shed a tear...

    It was used to whack large game in the head while hunting!
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    Alright guys...should I go chrome?

    Very nice. I'm kinda torn between which Alpine White to get myself. They have one with gold at a GC near me. But I also like the chrome/nickel hardware. I really like what you've done with your guitar. My PRS has gold hardware and it looks great. Hmmmmm...........decisions. Either way, it's sweet.
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    My Gold Top "Gregor Hilden"

    Man that's an awesome guitar. I love the Gold Tops!!!! Congrats.
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    your opinion on a les paul studio

    My Studio is my first and only Les Paul. Matter of fact, it's the reason I'm even on this site. I have some other nice guitars, but the studio opened my eyes to life with a Les Paul. It's the first guitar I grab now and has me seriously thinking of adding another LP to my collection. I would not...
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    strings gauge for les paul

    I use 10-46 on all my guitars. I just switched my PRS over from the factory 9's. 10's are just a good balance for me. They stay in tune well and have a little more beef. It's up to you though.
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    Silver Sparkle Les Paul (first post & saying hello)

    That's a great job. Normally I don't really care for that kind of flash, but that's particularly well done. Welcome!!

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