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    Pre NGD: Bacchus 1st Gen Twehty Four Ash 4 Bass I checked the link above. The first appearance of 'Twenty Four' was in the 2008 catalogue. And it's the 2nd Gen, which has coil split and 3 band EQ. I haven't found the 1st Gen in earlier...
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    Pre NGD: Bacchus 1st Gen Twehty Four Ash 4 Bass

    I joined this forum when I restarted playing guitar in my middle age. And I used to play metal riffs and easy solos most of the time. But recently I started to like a new genre, which I cannot accurately define. Those songs include Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Oats in the Water, Paul Davids...
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    Help me pic an R9-

    The logo tells you: the red & orange one :p
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    FUJIGEN Expert FL 98,000 JPY is a good price in my opinion, if you don't mind cosmetic damages. In case you want a les paul shaped guitar for modern heavy metal this is probably the best you can get. I haven't tried Expert FL but I own an Expert Elan. I can confidently say Expert Elan is at...
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    NGD - Crews Maniac Sound

    I'm jealous how fast FedEx is in the US. It's a total trash here. I'm in Tasmania. While shipping a guitar, it usually takes one day from anywhere of Japan to Hong Kong or Singapore, and another day to Melbourne and finishes the customs clearance same day. Then it stays in the FedEx facility at...
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    A perfect match

    Arrived and updated.
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    Worth a gamble?

    Technically you are buying a Chibson.
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    A perfect match

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    Anyone disassembled a les paul body?

    I guess it's a stupid question. I'm just curious. Has anyone ever disassembled a les paul body? I mean, break the maple top from the mahogany body. If yes, does it mean the guitar is absolutely destroyed? Or is it possible to glue it back? Thank you.
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    Arrived and updated.
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    What type of Greco is this?

    I think I've seen this thing somewhere... and I found it: wikipedia And a youtube video as a bonus:
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    Katana Air is really good at...

    ultra low volume! I'm truly a bedroom guitarist. At the age of late 30s I don't have the leisure to play with a band. I got a new born baby and a struggling business to take care of. The only time I can finally sit down and play my guitar is, yes, midnight. So I need something really quiet...
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    Eastman vs Edwards vs...? Gold top search

    I don't think Eastman and Edwards are comparable. I owned four Edwards (E-CY-165CTM 10+ years ago, E-MA-98, E-FY-125D and E-SA-180). They are good for the price. But they have nothing THAT surprising to me. And I eventually sold all of them. Eastman on the other hand is a different story. I...
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    ¿What guitar of all these would you take to a desert island...?

    Take to a desert island? Must be something solid enough to dig a hole and bury myself.

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