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    Bought les paul custom and is hissing like crazy

    That'll be the source of the microphony then. It's worth taking both pickups out to see if they match- a couple of pictures here and people will be able to tell you if something is amiss or you just got a crappy pickup that slipped through QC.
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    Screwing down the stop bar all the way

    According to The Internet Gibson's specification is now 5°±15"; the earliest LPs in 1952 (anecdotally) had a ~1° set and strings wrapped under the (trapeze) tailpiece, which was changed later that year to 2½ or 3° (depending on who you ask) with a top-wrapped trapeze then top wrapped stopbar in...
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    1973 Deluxe? I don't think so.

    Yup. Sooner or later one would assume people will go back to listing gear in Normal Person Dollars.. I have a "standard candle" search which consistently shows ~10% of listings price dropped by 10-15% at present, but 80%+ of sellers are still hanging around with their metaphorical proverbials...
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    Scus'e me, sir. Where are all the beautiful guitars on mostly naked blonde brunette redheads?

    For the record, I was most offended by being accused of being a voter, of all things. The day the law states that I can legitimately write "Mickey Mouse" on a donut receipt, roll it up into a tight little cylinder, take it down to the town hall and shove it up a poll-watcher's arse to be counted...
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    '53 intonation (caution, contains science)

    In case anyone ever wondered, here's what the intonation looks like on a 1953 Les Paul.. You can see the "womwomwom" wobble (beat frequency) where the two notes are out of tune. I got the sounds from here (~8:00 to 10:00) and did some cutting and pasting in Audacity so the notes in question...
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    What Is This?

    No worries. And I would not be at all surprised!
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    Floridian Jeopardy

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    New duo name needed ….

    Meatball and Submarine
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    Screwing down the stop bar all the way

    The stopbar itself was originally designed as a top-wrapped, height adjustable bridge for the '53 Les Paul (albeit with abysmal intonation that the "lightning" tailpiece was invented to compensate for a decade later), so it's technically engineered to be loaded up with the screws part-way in and...
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    Can someone do a quick serial number decode?

    There are listings on the Interwebs for '74s with no anniversary inlay, so I guess not? If the pots are all (or at least mostly) original that might be your best bet for narowing it down- the numbers go FFFYYMM, where F is the manufacturer (usually 137 for CTS), YY is the year and MM is the...
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    How much better is a Gibson vs my Epi 1960s Tribute Plus?

    Swietenia Macrophylla coated in nitrocellulose for a Gibson vs Shorea / Mora / Toona spp. covered in polyurethane for an Epiphone, all other things (pickups, electronics, tuners) being equal on a high-end model made by the latter. Those two things are ⅓ of the reason Gibsons cost more, another ⅓...
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    Can someone do a quick serial number decode?

    1973 or 1974 (search "random." with the period in the page)
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    Floridian Jeopardy

    Fixed it for you :cool2:
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    What Is This?

    It's not at all helpful, but I think of all non-Gibson LP style guitars as "Leg Pulls" :beer:
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    Time for a Green Xmas Season

    Not me. I'm a Dirty Furrner, so my tax-free allowance got reduced to zero in the interest of paying for thousands of idiots and their unfortunate victims to be helicoptered out of state for Boronavirus treatment when we ran out of hospitals

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