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    Fender Supersonic 112 60watt

    These Mo's are IN-credible. I have played them extensively and am taken back each time. I finally decided to buy one, the blonde one and am very happy about this. I compared this to a Marshall DSL one hundred and I think I can replicate every tone the Marshall has, plus it has the Fender...
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    Gibson Studio or Epi Custom?

    I suggest going to, no affln., and looking at a 300 dollar brand new Agile in any color you want. These are supposed to be good guitars for the price. Then get a good amp. I would avoid the million in one modeling amps and get a decent but cheap all tube combo, like a Bugera...
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    Les Paul BFG Axcess?

    I meant the heavy ones that led to the decision to cut away some of the heavier mahogany that they were using. I'd rather deal with the weight. However, an old, old school light one would be awesome, awesome; but I definitely can't afford one of those I don't think. Seems like people will...
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    Les Paul BFG Axcess?

    I wish they would necrodesign the chambered body, then do the axcess heel on most of them. It's like harley davisons. The crew resents any change. Surprising they didn't get all bent out of shape when the found out chambering was going on for years and they didn't even know it. Of course...
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    BFG, thoughts?

    The current BFG is the Gary Moore BFG and it can be seen on the page or at the page, no affln., or another big online dealer. It is lemon yellow barely finished but not too abrasive against your arm, has the kill switch and the P ninety, no pup ring, zebra...
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    What's the scoop on the Epi LP STD plain top

    I was thinking mahogany with a maple top, but that walnut looks really good. I wonder what's up with walnut as a tone wood? Plus I wonder how the bond between the neck and the walnut body will hold up. I assume it's a mahogany neck glued into a walnut body. Plus, that is a studio and the...
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    Marshall Haze cleanliness

    The store is about two blocks away. I'll go back over and check them out again and let you know which Haze I liked. One of them might have had a reverb on it. One of them was like eight hundred dollars I think. I'll go look again and get back.
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    What's the scoop on the Epi LP STD plain top

    I have a new sixties neck Epi Tribute cherry burst, unbelievable guitar. I'm thinking of getting another standard, a plain top to hot rod. It is about half the price of my Tribute and might be a good platform for some great mods, yielding a great looking guitar in the end.
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    Do tube amps really enhance your tone as much as they are said to?

    Dude, my Delta Blues 15 is awesome, very like the Classic 30 sibling. I'd like to see a ss match this.
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    Marshall Haze cleanliness

    Yo dude, no offense, but; Quote: Any other suggestions from your good selves Didn't realize the OP was restricting the "other suggestions" to a narrow limit. I mean, I don't think he was or I wouldn't have suggested other stuff, needless to say. Loosen up dude, it's all cool.
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    What's the scoop on the Epi LP STD plain top

    You got it dude, regular standards, not including the many special editions like my birdseye maple cap, sixties neck Tribute, etc. Just plain standards, not hot rodded ones. Wondering if it is a built down version or of equal wiring, pots, etc., which, according to the below posts it is...
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    I tried an Epiphone G-400 today

    I like that Epi Deluxe SG with the three humbuckers, antique cream white with gold hardware. I also liked my faded Gibson SG and like the SG Gibson Standard and the Sixty One Reissue looks cool. I have a cherry transparent sixty six copy Epi SG that is awesome stock but I play my LP's more...
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    Marshall Haze cleanliness

    As I recall, I liked the Haze combo better than the head, but it has been a couple months. I would LOVE to get a tube Marshall.
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    What's the scoop on the Epi LP STD plain top

    Are these arch tops and as nicely built as the regular std's and plus tops? They look like a great value. Anybody buy one and wish to comment? I wonder if they are as well made as the Agile AL2000's or Xavier XV500's? They sure look nice, especially in cherry burst. Looks like a great...
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    Marshall Haze cleanliness

    The Marshall Class 5 tube amp, bluesbreaker style is a great twelve inch speaker combo amp, single channel. You get the Marshall tone, not the Fender clean at any volume to speak of. You could use a clean boost like a Busta Grande though. A great little amp is the Fender Super Champ XD...

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