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    The ultimate Amp: Metropoulos DVL1

    Will do, it should reach me at the end of June.
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    The ultimate Amp: Metropoulos DVL1

    Well, I’ll let you guys know what it’s like soon. I have #005 to my name, the very first after William’s first 4 amps in the line.
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    Celestion Cream Alnico 90W

    This video is very good at showing the dfferences between the Blue and the Cream. Having had both I can reliably say that. I have two Cream Alnicos in a semi-open back 65amps cabinet (previously stocked with Alnico Blue and Heritage G12H) and couldn't be happier. They work great with my 65amps...
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    Last year of production 57 Junior

    I used to have a 2015. I think they were made in 2016 as well.
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    UK sellers thread

    Up for sale is a mint condition 2015 Suhr Classic T. Looking to clear £1350 on this one (it's £2200 new).
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    George Michael dead in london

    I like him most for his least known work, a cover album. Give it a listen, it's fantastic!
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    NVGD 1959 DC Junior

    Congrats, enjoy her! Didn'you use to own my '57 Jr, though? :) How do they compare? Is the pickup on this one much angrier?
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    Nickel allergy and you (strings for the rest of us)

    I think you will like the Mangans, they are all I have been using since first mentioning them in this thread. They sound and feel that great. I hope your nickel allergy goes away for good with them.
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    UK sellers thread

    I have a mint condition, stellar sounding Custom Shop JR reissue in TV white that I'm looking to sell for £1500 or trade for a good Nocaster or interesting amp. I wouldn't sell it if I hadn't recently bought a real 57 Jr.
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    hacking/programming in the movies VS real life
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    Rig Rundown - The Darkness

    "I always go for the knobs... Not really... Nothing wrong with that, though" :)
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    Belated NGD '57 Junior

    Thank you, sir. Was it you who had it refretted? If so, many thanks, the luthier did an awesome job, it is so easy to play.
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    This what I call "Inspired by Slash" !!!!

    "There can be only one!"

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