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    NGD: The Gibson Has Landed.

    Nice one. I thought it was a Historic at first glance.
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    How to Properly Set the Pole Piece Height on Humbuckers

    @ErictheRed Thanks for this info. I have struggled for 3.5 years to get my 17 Trad sounding its best. I almost sold it, but decided to research new pickups. I found this thread in my research, and figured I would give it a try. I had the pups really low to get rid of the mud, but that really...
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    My 2016 Traditional

    The Trads are great bang for the buck, especially at the deal you got. Here's my 2017 Honeyburst.
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    2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    I don't have much participation here, but have great seller feedback on TGP, same user name. Great feedback on Reverb too.
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    2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    2017 Traditional for sale. Couple of small bumps, overall great condition, The color is honeyburst. It has the 50's neck profile, BB1/BB2 pups. I am the original owner, and it was listed as 9lbs even on Sweetwater, shows 9lbs 1 oz on my kitchen scale. I put locking Klusons on, no issue with the...
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    TonePros AVR-II Bridge Confusion on the Original Collection Standards

    My 2017 Traditional, I bought it new, came with the ABR1 with the wire. It started to sitar shortly after I got it, so I ordered the Tone Pros AVRII non-locking, no wire. It dropped right on the original studs perfectly and has been great for 3 years now. Just a great guitar, and I can imagine...

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