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    whatever happened with the toilet paper hoarders?

    Turns out wiping the store shelves clean was a crappy idea, but it looked good on paper.
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    Gimme some likes

    There you go, OP (that last one is such a great song).
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    Cringeworthy Performances

    I can't believe we made it this far into this thread without an appearance from the esteemed Mr. Vince Neil.
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    Terry Morgan '59 replica LP for sale

    Need a price to post it here.
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    2015 True Historic R8s - Any Experiences?

    I came across a 2015 True Historic R8 plaintop available locally. I spoke with the seller, and he's motivated. I've read through all the TH threads on this forum, and there isn't a lot of info specific to this model (just TH line in general, especially the debacle with TH/CS back then). I'm...
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    Need a price. Nice guitar!
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    Sources for Braz fingerboards?

    Naturally that dark. I sorted through an entire pallet of BRW and selected the darkest one with the straightest grain. @Joe Desperado , for this reason you should contact Allied rather than just trusting their website that they're sold out. He's got more Braz than I've ever seen in one location...
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    *** 2012 JamCity 59' Singlecut ***

    Photobucket album is set to private. Amazing looking replica, GLWTS!
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    FS: Vintage Burst parts

    Pickups, harness, bridge and TRC sold Knobs still available
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    FS: Vintage Burst parts

    For sale I have an assortment of outstanding vintage Burst parts. These were collected over a long period of time, purchased from reputable sources at significant expense. All prices are net shipped CONUS. Early ('60-'65) Patent Number pickups - Bridge measures 7.85, neck 7.58. I was told these...
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    Accidental New Acoustic Guitar Day

    I went to Guitar Center to get a box for shipping a Les Paul, and I was followed home by this lonely, orphan acoustic: It's a Martin D-28 Authentic 1937 from 2015, the first run with Martin's "VTS" torrefication process on the Adirondack spruce top and forward-shifted, scalloped X...
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    FS: 2018 R9 with vintage parts

    Husk, pickguard, poker chip sold. Other parts available here:
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    Sources for Braz fingerboards? These are all Braz. One on far right is from Allied.
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    Another steal

    Thanks, Reverb. I'll be sure to snatch that right up. Like taking Candy from a baby.
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    Member scam alert!!!

    Why, that dirty RAT! (I'll show myself out)

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