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    Historic Les 'em!

    The lacquer continues to harden on this one. It feels and sounds better every day.
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    PRO-CONS 2004 Jimmy Page CA VOS vs. 2020 1960th anniversary '60 Reissue

    How much money are you being asked to stack on top of your Historic? PAFs go for 10 grand nowadays, and vintage no-wire ABR-1s and tailpieces are fetching at least two grand apiece. No offense, but I read your post as just specs, specs, specs. Doesn't it matter to you how it plays and sounds?
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    For 5k would you buy a custom shop LP or a 69-75 LP ?

    Neither. I'd buy a motorcycle, get it going about 125 mph and jump it straight into a huge billboard that says "EVERY GUITAR IS DIFFERENT."
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    Lightest non-chambered Les Paul?

    The "Little Buddy" R9 that a few of us on this forum have owned weighs 7.8 pounds.
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    Plain tops need love too

    Late 2018 R8 with all '19 specs, a stone cold killer
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    Current spec reissue wiring vs. boutique

    "You know what would finally make my guitar playing sound good? A $250 wiring harness."
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    Custom Waterslide Decal Source?

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    I hate “my bad”

    I feel you.
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    SG replicas, anybody out there?

    Not a replica per se but Desert Star makes some killer SG style guitars.
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    Incoming! LPR59ULFB

    Nice! If it's anything like my former ultralight Historic it'll be airy sounding, loud and bright. Definitely a very cool and unique sounding LP (and it cut through a mix like nobody's business!). Congrats and HNGD
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    60th R9 Shipping Damage

    Find someone locally who could do a spot refinish, get an estimate and ask the seller to refund that amount from what you paid for the guitar.
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    LP Standard Lemonburst Sweetwater

    I bet the top is significantly lighter in person. They crank the saturation on those website pics.
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    Cant get rid of fret buzz

    Yes. If all it needs is a proper setup, it makes no sense to send it all the way back to the manufacturer.
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    Gibson 70th Anniversary Les Paul

    Steve. I get the feeling he's not going to be doing it forever and I miss the last one he built for me, which I stupidly sold during a fit of vintage fever.
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    Cant get rid of fret buzz

    Try to find a local guitar tech who can give it a proper setup.

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