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    Suspicious "shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    Yes, I'm fascinated to inspect the thing once it does make it back to me. "Buyer" says there is no other visible damage to the guitar or the inside lid of the case, and that knob looks perfect. Lots of strangeness going on here for sure.
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    Suspicious "shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    I agree completely.
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    Suspicious "shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    I have more or less resigned myself to the fact that my FedEx claim is going to be denied, I'm going to eat the shipping cost to and from this clown, then do the repair myself and put the guitar back on the market. Ideally I would raise the selling price a bit to try to recoup my losses from...
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    Suspicious "shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    @moreles , the first thing I did was file a damage claim with FedEx. The shipment was fully insured. They will likely pick it up straight from the buyer once the claim is processed. The problem is, he admits the box shows no visible signs of damage. Same with the hard case. Even the rep I spoke...
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    Suspicious "shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    Believe me, I would love to - but Reverb sides with the buyer 100% in instances like this. The guy could have come up with any other excuse in the book for a refund and I could have denied it based on my "shop policies." Item not received as advertised, it's an open-and-shut case; they would...
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    Suspicious "shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    So I made a few puposefully vague comments via message and he immediately took the bait that I was accusing him of something shady and got very defensive. Strike one. I then called him, and his excuse was that he often flips gear and doesn't want to have to explain "aftermarket parts" to a...
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    Duane Allman 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Up for Sale

    I would pay every dollar I could possibly spare for that guitar, as long as it still has its original pickups. :doh:
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    I cant stop crying. Wife cheated.

    I am going to be a lone voice here, but don't immediately jump to "it's over." The reality is that you two have built something together that is no doubt far more substantial than some fling, as difficult as that may be to see now. There have been many, many instances of people suffering...
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    Suspicious "shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    Well, I filed a claim with FedEx but even the guy on the phone seemed skeptical that the damage to the guitar occurred during shipping if the shipping box and hard case show no signs of damage. I guess we'll see. My luthier made the point that the knob itself would have likely cracked if not...
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    Suspicious "shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    I would as well. I asked what he thought of the guitar otherwise and he says he didn't check it out any further once he saw the broken pot. That whole part is what raised my suspicions in the first place. It's a relatively simple fix that wouldn't cost him a penny.
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    Suspicious "shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    Sorry, this is going to be a bit of a rant but I need to vent and after wearing out some poor schmuck on the Reverb chat you guys are my best sounding board/counsel/therapist. I sold a high-end Custom Shop Strat online, at a great but nonetheless not inexpensive price. The guitar was delivered...
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    Good old R9

    Without any sort of confirmation, the supposed (and way too vague) provenance and possibility of a Brazillian fretboard aren't worth anything. What you have is a 2001 R9 with a nice top and a neck repair. I'd say it's worth somewhere in the neighborhood of three grand.
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    Tim Pierce / Confessions of an Amp Addict

    He's the best. Guy could probably play through 100 different amps and make them all sound good.
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    Gov't Mule show last night

    Fantastic show by Gov't Mule last night at Jay Peak Resort. Warren was on fire.
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    PSA. Beware who you deal with. Bad seller among us.

    My guy also holds onto the guitar for an extra month so he can pretend to do more work on it and charge me an extra hundred bucks. Must be part of the luthier training course.