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    The Person Chappell Talks About in His Special Has Died

    I must have missed that one. On a Friday, I assume?
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    The Person Chappell Talks About in His Special Has Died

    If someone started even a single thread of racial humor in here, it would get squashed immediately. The trannie thing has been deemed fair game for some reason, and that dead horse has since been beaten into oblivion. Moni never complained about it before - not once. It was always about the...
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    The Person Chappell Talks About in His Special Has Died

    Moni is a trans woman. Several members here know this through PMs, including at least one mod. Obviously MLP is not a very friendly place for someone like that. I have long wondered why such insensitivity is tolerated - even encouraged - here, and brought that question up to a mod via PM a few...
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    2019 Gibson Historic SG / Les Paul 61 Reissue. VOS Cherry.

    Those are such great guitars. GLWTS
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    Thoughts on Boss Katana?

    I have the Air and enjoy playing through it as a home practice amp. Wireless connectivity (esp. used with wireless headphones) is very cool, as I can sit in my downstairs living room and jam through an amp that is one story up in the bedroom. As previously mentioned, it can sound a little cold...
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    HM Makeover - Burst or Goldtop

    Compromise: Green Lemon Burst
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    Why are Custom Buckers so awesome? Why?

    I believe the first model run to get CBs was the Betts-Allman "One Brother to Another" SG. Great pickups in my experience. I don't necessarily agree that there is a sizable variance in sound. I think it has much more to do with every guitar being different. CBs seem to match best with darker...
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    Fall Photo Thread

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    What did Henry J get right?

    He was in a no-win situation from the start. How do you innovate when your customers are so shackled to nostalgia that they demand technology that is half a century old, with zero improvement or updating? Imagine if you went to buy a brand-new car and the controls and features were all straight...
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    Finally..........Allman Brothers in a box!!?

    Looks like he's got two other pedals besides the Peacock: The "Black Hearted Woman" and the "Statesboro Bluesman." All riffing on the same basic tone, no pun intended.
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    NGD Damaged Guitar - Thoughts?

    If the shop is "willing to work with you," that probably means they would refund whatever it costs you to get that scratch repaired. I would negotiate a fair refund from them, then either DIY or have a luthier fix it.