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    Tesla Crash

    I don't think so. I think they just need to work reliably. Tesla owners rather enjoy picking up their cars at the dealership after a service and having the rep tell them, "Your car should be faster now; we've put in the latest update..." Or finding that their cars will make fart noises. Most...
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    Tesla Crash

    What Musk is building has no "simple" analog. He's the pioneer. There's no JC Whitney for this stuff.
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    Win Two Handmade Leather Guitar Straps of Your Choice!

    This is just a way to get newsletter subscribers?
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    Don't crash it!

    I always wonder at these. Given the time and effort and materials put into one of those big 'uns, you have to wonder why they didn't go the extra mile and put together one that they can strap themselves into and fly to the next airport for a hundred dollar burger.
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    Blue Origin Plods On

    The various space programs are at slightly different stages in their development, but the fact that there are a number of them actually developing and putting bits into orbit along the way is what's fun. If you're bored, there's a new half-dozen YouTube on the antics of Space-X's Bolsa Chica...
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    AC/DC is the Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever

    I love AC/DC. Greatest of all time, though? Rolling Stones.
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    AC/DC is the Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever

    Russell Hitchcock did. Graham Russell did. Twice each.
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    Have you sanded your knobs lately?

    Too much work for me. Good thing I bought the cheap Gretsch with the chrome knobs.
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    Show us your loft.

    Nephew just bought a house in San Francisco. 1000 square feet, 2BR, 1 bath for just over $1 million. And it's one of those houses that shares walls with the houses on either side. Single car garage.
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    My son got engaged...

    Even bad pussy can make you dumb. Lots of folks get into a "starter marriage." Mine lasted seven years.
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    For racing fans.. 24 hours of Le Mans

    For nine or ten years now.
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    Les Paul Recording 1974 refin or not?

    This. The guitar has already been devalued significantly. A guitar with the original stuff "reinstalled" is not original. I went through a ton of similar guitars looking for a good original L6S a few years back. Because they were cheap for a long time, the LS6 was ripe for "modifications" and...
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    Dynetics Human Landing System

    I didn't realize they kept any of the sets and props from "Buck Rogers In The 25th Century."
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    smoke's gettin' pretty bad, boys

    There are, without question, bad policies, policies that aren't followed, etc. The Federal government is responsible for 52% of the forest management in California.
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    I Refinished my Studio Shred

    Major improvement. Good job.

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