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    Stand or Floor?

    There are two kinds of coupling -- acoustic and mechanical -- that can cause your amp to sound like it has more bass than it actually does. Mechanical coupling on some stages (and floors) essentially increases your bottom end by rattling the floor. It's usually unpredictable and will sometimes...
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    Gonna make this her best birthday, ever...

    Even the rib cracking is routine these days. Neighbor had a multiple bypass about a week and a half ago. Saw her carrying out the garbage day before yesterday. I don't think she should be doing that just yet (it wasn't a big bag), but the fact that she's feeling good enough to even contemplate...
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    Fingertips kind of sticking to fretboard

    Fret Doctor makes your fretboard look prettier. But you don't want to apply it and allow it to "soak in." If you MUST use that stuff, wipe a tiny bit on and then wipe it all off a few minutes later. Mineral Oil is about eleven bucks a *gallon* and will last you and the rest of the guitar players...
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    My wife is a great singer

    My cat.
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    Fingertips kind of sticking to fretboard

    The Block Conditioner is just mineral oil, which is perfect for your fretboard. Wipe a little bit on, wipe it all off a few minutes later. I'm not sure about the Windex, but if you're good with it, fine. I'm not a fan of things that can leave a sticky mess behind, like linseed oil or the...
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    Best LP style guitar as a platform for a higher end instrument?

    l was going to suggest that, and it would be my thought as well, but I'm not seeing the Custom Order section available on their website at the moment. The AL-3200 is a neck-through construction piece with a carved neck/body join and a tummy cut. Good choice. There's also the Carvin CS6, which...
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    Do Cover Bands get Groupies?

    As a good Catholic Altarboy, I was taught that it's one knee for a genuflection but two if the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. I *assume* that's what you meant.
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    Do Cover Bands get Groupies?

    It's not so much WHAT you post... As how you do it.
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    Norton motorcycles goes into administration.

    My notion of "screamingly fast bike" was born on a Norton. My current notion of "screamingly fast bike" has Ducati on the sides. There's probably a Kawasaki out there that's faster yet.
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    old Rolex

    "Over a hunnert bucks, honey!" She'll be in there until August.
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    old Rolex

    Evaluation Man picks up watch, inspects the back of it further, notices some chinese characters... "Oh. Wait."
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    old Rolex

    Oh yea, it was obviously not spontaneous...
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    old Rolex

    Oh heck yes. I told the Spousal Unit that one of them might be worth big bucks, and she dove into the junk room like a dolphin after a mackerel.
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    old Rolex

    Turns out I have several old Rolexes from the same era, purchased through the Navy exchange. Now I have to dig them out.