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    Lacquer cracks/checking on the neck

    Gibson uses a crap finish called nitrocellulose lacquer, mostly because it's a traditional finish for which they've become known. It checks, cracks, chalks, discolors over time and reacts to chemicals in some materials with which it comes in contact. Modern guitars often use a better quality...
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    Burstbucker 1's in bridge?

    Vintage guitars (leastways those before the 1980s) had the same humbucker in both positions. Putting the same pickup in both positions provides this same vintage sound quality.
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    Weber Grill's apology

    I think some sharp-witted marketer at Weber noticed the coincidence, laughed his ass off and then made SURE that everyone spotted it. Accidental it may have been, but...
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    For 5k would you buy a custom shop LP or a 69-75 LP ? Neither.
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    Um..perfect solo for a blues gig?

    Too much coke.
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    TP6 tailpiece, yay or nay?

    Kahler had a behind-the-nut string lock that was actually a flip-lock, and string changes with those were very quick. Apparently available again:
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    TP6 tailpiece, yay or nay?

    They're rare, especially on new guitars. I have one on a 78 Gibson L5-S, and it's handy, and I actually use it because I'm used to micro tuners on my Floyd Rose guitars. I've got another guitar around here somewhere that has a locking nut (actually, a Kahler behind-the-nut String Lock) and a...
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    Band jokes about playing AC/DC, crowd takes over

    Not quite the same specs. My SG2000 is neck-through construction with a heavier body (well, thicker anyway) and a carved neck/body join and a much heavier bridge mounted to a 10.5 ounce sustain block bolted into the body, an ebony fretboard,a tummy cut, etc. Mine doesn't (and never did) have SD...
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    MacOS Monterey 12.01 -> 12.1 now

    I bought an iPad Pro with the M1 chip this year based on the rumors that it would be, somehow, a PRO version of the iPad. But it seemed very much as if the folks working on an iPad OS had been taking the pandemic off, and they were simply caught out by the prospect of M1 iPad Pros with great...
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    MacOS Monterey 12.01 -> 12.1 now

    I know it was discussed within Apple, but a lot of the discussion had to do with whether they really wanted to pay what Gasee was asking.There was a culture barrier nearly as high as that keeping Gibson from allowing Epiphone to flourish as anything more than second-rate. The Powers That Be felt...
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    MacOS Monterey 12.01 -> 12.1 now

    Jobs brought his NeXt implementation of Unix with him. The good news is that he also brought innovations like color screens, stereo sound, CDs, Magneto-optical drives, DSPs and more. I was hoping Apple would implement a version of Jean-Louis Gassee's BeOS -- it was leaner, smarter and designed...
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    i can't believe i found it, the only known surviving pic of...

    My first car was a Triumph TR3. Black, red seats, like this one: 100 romping' horsepower in a 2200 lb car. The engine was based on a tractor engine... Bought it from a bank teller friend of my mom's where she...
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    1970 Gibson ES-335

    I'm so far (several centuries along) good with the nylon saddles. No string issues. As I recall there were indeed two case options, and it was just my luck that the previous owner had picked the cheapest one. Hard to find a case for the 12-string, since the headstock makes the guitar longer...
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    MacOS Monterey 12.01 -> 12.1 now

    I needed to upgrade my Mac environment recently, and spent a kajillion dollars getting things current, including a 1 TB iPad Pro 12.9" M1, which I'd figured would be my portable solution. Toward the end of things, I looked around and realized that I need a bog-stock laptop as well, because the...
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    Have you ever eaten at a Michelin Star restaurant?

    I've been to several, and in most cases I was being wined and dined for some business thing. Best food in a great atmosphere, however, was done up by the chef on a super yacht who was asked to "impress." Her normal, even considering grub for the crew, is pretty spectacular, but she really...

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