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    The Song Name Game

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    How do I delete my account?
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    spark amp

    Positive Grid released free new firmware and app updates today. Three new amps and three new pedals. You can go to the Positive Grid website, go to Spark under Amps, scroll down to updates (under the picture of the amp), and click on the links in "Announcing the Spark Gear Drop". Easy.
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    Craigslist Horror for $1500

    GFS = Greasy Finger Sludge
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    Can Anyone ID This Tree

    I'm gonna agree that it is probably a box elder after seeing the leaves close up and how they are grouped coming from the branches.
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    Can Anyone ID This Tree

    Ash maybe.
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    Some players are beyond amazing.

    Tres appreciee!
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    when you think P90 ...

    I think...
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    Anyone know what this thing is?

    Roach clip.
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    just got back from the grocery store...

    Okra tastes pretty damn good too!
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    Changing tuner heads

    Here's what the Hipshot buttons look like.

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