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    2012 Fender Custom Shop 60's Stratocaster

    Thank you for the responses. I definitely want Fender Custom Shop (I'm ready :P). Stores in my area don't carry many, but the ones I've tried feel much better when compared to regular USA shop (I own an American Vintage Telecaster. Great instrument!). I have my eyes on a 2012 on Reverb, but I'm...
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    2012 Fender Custom Shop 60's Stratocaster

    Howdy! I'm new to the Stratocaster world, currently looking for a reissue from the Fender Custom Shop with a rosewood fretboard. I have my eyes on a specimen from 2012. Anything I should be concerned about regarding that production year? Thank you!
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    Custom R6 w/ R9 Neck? Good Idea? Thoughts?

    That's strange. I have a '18 R6, and the neck is very Carmelita like. Very comfortable (frets are indeed different, though. I like them). I do not have calipers, so couldn't measure the neck for ya. But it feels very similar to my R9s.
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    2019 Brazilian ...the Tiger Burst!

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    How Many?

    Not so sure I do. Lemmo is great, especially his playing/music. Sorry for the off topic response :)
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    NGD - Gibson 60th Anniversary 1959

    Looks great! Congratulations! It's nice to see NGDs almost in a daily basis again!
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    Gibson Must Be Doing Something Right

    Used prices had dropped too much. Maybe people realized that it's not worth selling cheap to buy something significantly more expensive that doesn't add significant improvements?
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    NGD 2019 59 60th Brazilian

    Congratulations! Looks stunning!
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    NGD: 60th Anni R9

    Wow! Congrats!
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    NGD 18 braz R9

    Awesome! Congrats!
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    I Think 2019 Will Be a Game Changer

    Said video can be found here:
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    How are you liking the "tall/narrow" frets on your R-8?

    I have a 2018 R6. Plays like butter! :). Really, though. I like the narrow/tall frets a lot. Easy bends. Plus, it allows for more variety.
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    NGD 2018 Dirty Honey Lemon R9

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    Incoming 19 R9 NGD! THANK YOU HOG

    Dang. Looks phenomenal! Congrats!
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    Les Paul Tribute reissues....

    Wrong section of the forum. You’re probably looking for the Gibson Les Pauls section (, and not Historics & Reissues (Gibson Custom Shop). But just in case: no, you won’t find a gold top historic reissue with a slim neck. Though you can...

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