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    My dog Ginger will be just fine..thanks for all your concern and support.

    Just pay it. Sell what needs sold. Dogs are family, gear comes, gear goes. Best of luck for a full recovery.
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    MotoGP in 2020 >spoiler<

    I know he's getting older, and qualifying 10th isn't going to get it done, but for Rossi to start 10th and finish 5th was pretty impressive. His teammate didn't seem to have the setup for today.
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    Ford Bronco 2021. Count me in

    They'll sell a boat load of them.....and most won't even hit a gravel road let alone that from the advertisement pic.
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    RIP Carl Reiner

    A comedy legend. Rest in Peace.
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    Does anyone here actually find General Lee's flag and the flying of it offensive?

    I grew up in Canada watching the Duke's of Hazard and the general lee charger. None it ever seemed the least bit racist. The innocence of a child i guess.
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    Seasoned Skillet.Who Maintains One?

    They are the best, I have a few but my go to is a 12" skillet I got about 25 years ago. Nothing beats cast iron for so many foods.
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    New Motorcycle Day

    Congrats, I love old Nighthawks, I had an '84 650 Nighthawk for a number of years, and some days I wish I still had it.
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    Joe Bonamassa Nerdville West guitar collection visit and photos with the infamous Burst "Snakebite" & JJ Blair.

    Quite an adventure. That's a musical museum Joe has put together, glad things seem to get played.
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    RUSH sad to see them gone

    Legendary band. Super talented, and all miss Neil.
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    Chefs! Knife advice please

    Mac knives. Sharp and well made.
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    Adjusting to single life

    Put yourself back into the game, date, play sports, see concerts. Do things. Whether you meet women the old fashioned way or just jump on Tinder, meet people and get back into the life game. Your marriage died, you didn't.
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    How many of you sleep less than 8 hours per night???

    Can't remember the last time I slept 8 hours, day or night. ( Shift worker )
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    Keith Richards... History of his Guitars !!!

    I watched that video and they really should have done more fact checking with the sources. It had numerous errors, for example the Junior he's pictured with here was claimed to be a 1957.
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    Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi swap race seats

    The F1 car. As amazing as a MotoGP bike is, nothing can touch an F1 car around the track.
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    Now I've gone and done it.

    It's a looker, have fun

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