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    If you were limited to listening to ONLY 5 guitar players, who would they be?

    How about Sammy Hagar Derick St Holmes Ritchie Blackmore Rik Emmitt George Benson Just finding ones who the rest of you missed
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    List prices for Gibson Les Pauls when they were new?

    Used to salivate on the glass at a local store in Visalia Ca. They had a Black Les Paul Artisan 3 pickup. Hang tag if I remember right was just over $700.00 US. I would think to myself, I'll never be able to afford 700 for a guitar. There's one on Ebay right now for $5400.
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    Burstbucker Pro is awful!

    Have 57's in one of my SG's , Sound great. Never heard a good one in a Les Paul. Something just not there. Like the original BB Pro's Not so much the newer coil splitters. Have bought BB pro's replacement pickups from I think Sweetwater , Sounded like crap. Bought a set used taken off a Les Paul...
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    Gaps under frets?

    Dead blow , that's double duty
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    Who's The LOUDEST One Of All?

    Not quite the effect on women I'm looking for.
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    Starting a little road trip today, will my LP be alright in the trunk for 12 hours?

    Now there's a teachable moment. Too funny. ( Ironic funny ) So did he turn into a Fender guy?
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    Who's The LOUDEST One Of All?

    Given the state of music today. More over the listener who listens to their music through their cell phone MP3 or computer MP3 or Alexa or the like. Tiny speakers, so signal has to be compressed so hard to fit that full sonic range into that tiny stereo spectrum. Take a record (LP) for example...
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    Crack in 2 week old standard 60's?

    That's funny
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    Starting a little road trip today, will my LP be alright in the trunk for 12 hours?

    We all gotta do what we all gotta do. Guitars ARE indeed shipped all across the country. from hot to cold climates. Never took a broken one out of the shipping box. Also never opened one that didn't need a full setup. Simple physics states when an object, (Any Object) is heated. A degree of...
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    So many models, what to look at

    Will it be better than your Epi? If you get the right one yes. I have a friend who loves his Epi. I don't care for it myself. It doesn't have the tone, or feel I'm after. 2000-5000 Never paid 5000. Most of mine are of the 2000 Standards. If you look around you'll likely find studios to be a nice...
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    Crack in 2 week old standard 60's?

    Give em a break. Gibson went bankrupt. When they did they had to cut costs. So top dollar people went out the door. Gonna take some time to get lesser paid people to learn their craft. Considering, they're doin pretty well I think.
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    Show us your acoustic!

    Goooood Dog
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    Show us your acoustic!

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    DAMN! The first one always hurts!!!!

    better get rid of it

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