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    Why not loctite?

    I only use Loctite on the output jack, as they always seem to come loose, especially during a gig. Make sure to use the right kind, use the permanent thread locker and you'll be damaging your guitar trying get things loose if you need to. There is a temporary Loctite (blue) that I use on all my...
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    Tokai - any ideas on what model this is?

    I'd say it's definitely a high end model, it has a solid maple top, so I think a veneer on top of that is possible, but unlikely.
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    27 year old son , no job for 7 months now, hardly leaves his room playing video games

    I stayed at home till I was 20 yrs old. My Dad reluctantly kicked me out, and though it was a damn hard adjustment, (I was also unemployed at the time), it was the best thing he could have done for me! Figuring out how you are going to survive is a pretty good incentive to get yourself out of...
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    LP Special DC Dual P90's... is this an incredible deal?

    I got my Junior Tribute (my avatar) for $549.99 new during the blowout. The 2 pickup Special Tribute, sells for $999.99 new, and it replaces the Junior Tribute, which they no longer make. So it's just an OK deal IMO.
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    Just ordered a 2021 Les Paul Goldtop 70's Deluxe

    I'd hate to have to shell out for '68 spec mini's when I already shelled out $2499.00 for the guitar!
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    Just ordered a 2021 Les Paul Goldtop 70's Deluxe

    LOL, no prob on the thin neck, it's a 50's style. It IS however going to be a boat anchor (no weight relief)
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    Just ordered a 2021 Les Paul Goldtop 70's Deluxe

    Today I ordered a 2021 Les Paul Goldtop 70's Deluxe. Not sure when Sweetwater will have them yet, but when they do, one of them will be mine! I like the mini humbuckers, and they are a bit brighter than the full size humbuckers, but a bit tamer than a P-90. It also has a more 50's style neck...
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    2000 Les Paul (1960 model) classic vs a new LP classic.

    If it's from the "original collection", they are very nice pcb, hand wired, but if it's a 1960 model, it will have the slim taper neck. I would say it's at least as good as a 2000 model.
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    NGD Les Paul Special TV Yellow

    Sweet, and the price is unbelievable!, Congrats!
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    You are lucky you got it at a pawn shop. Getting your money back should be no hassle!
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    Nice! I got my SG kinda the same way. The price, ($800), was way too good to pass on. Mine was pretty flawless, and in a color I always wanted...Pelham blue! Congrats on your new axe! BTW, this one has '57 classics in both neck & bridge...I love em!
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    Which Telecaster Should I Nab?

    I don't know every nuance of MIM Tele's but, I'm pretty sure they didn't come with 22 fret necks, and the bridges (on the standards anyway), came with a flat steel bridge plate, and not the ashtray style. They were also six saddle bridges to the best of my knowledge. It is however a pretty Tele...
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    SG - what should I be looking for?

    Yep, and in a Les Paul, it will sound different than them both!
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    SG - what should I be looking for?

    For me, it's balance is crucial. I like slim taper necks because I have small hands. I have this 2017 SG standard in Pelham blue with '57 classics, (my favs). stock locking Grover tuners, and no neck dive. You can always change pickups/pots/caps, but it's damn hard to find a well balanced SG. I...

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