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    Cranking it!

    Yeah I actually changed impedance before I fired it up when I pulled the inside pair. But I didn't feel the need to rebias, though I'm sure the amp could be running more optimally in some way. If I had run it at the normal impedance setting this long, I probably would've blown the tubes or...
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    What matters most to you about picks?

    I always break picks that are thin and plastic. I just play too hard at full attack. And picks that don't have some kind of grip always fly out of my hand. I really like Dava Control picks, my dad gave me some way waaay back and I actually still have a few that aren't worn down even a bit - the...
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    Cranking it!

    . woops. I'm not used to this new layout here.
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    Cranking it!

    So you would think after a few years of owning a 2203 I would've done this already, but I finally got around to playing with the low sensitivity input on the amp. A lot of people think the low input is just padded a few db but actually, it is almost like it's own channel. What makes an early MV...
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    NCD - 2002 Marshall 1960a half-stack

    G12T75s sound great broken in. My combo has a first run set in it and I love em.
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    Bedroom volume

    I live alone in a house. I don't need a silly Kemper.
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    Bonamassa Playing MGL50 Head!!

    That sounds insane.
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    New CITES regulations

    I don't think there was any suggestion of being able to just get away with ignoring the laws. If you sell a guitar and it gets yanked at customs, then you lose the guitar and have to refund the money. That would be absolutely stupid. But if you have guitars you don't plan on selling across...
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    preamp vs power amp distortion and 2204

    I cranked up my Super Champ earlier. Pushing the power section is definitely the way to go.
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    New CITES regulations

    There is no way I'm going to register any of my guitars with some board of authority just because it was made out of trees you can't cut down anymore.
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    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    Damn it! If only I hadn't just put money down on another guitar. That is a seriously sweet looking axe, man. Best of luck with sale, hope it goes to someone here!
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    Are Vox amps of today just cheap Chinese garbage?

    A Vox is only as reliable as your backup Vox. :laugh2: That said I do love 'em. If you like the sound that's all the matters. If you have some real coin to drop, a new JMI or other boutique make is probably the way to go for reliability.
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    New CITES regulations

    What kind of dumb**** deforestation law would regulate damage that's already done. So stupid, and such a waste of regulatory power. How about they stop people from mowing down forests to raise cattle? Guess I gotta learn some Japanese now.
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    Rehab for millenials- only $28k/mo

    Thanks for the participation trophies and group awards that we never asked for.
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    RANT: Ibanez AKJV90 Jazzer, scarf jointed headstock WTF?!

    I own an Artcore AS(73?)... the cheap 335 copy. Anyway it has the same neck joint. I've never been crazy about that. Seems kinda strange to do a volute and then that whackassness. It stood up to band duty, though. There is something be said for that. I am sure the headstock got whacked in and...

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