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    Long tenon or short tenon?

    This is what a long tenon looks like in my 2003 Vintage G400.
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    Potential for LP Juniors?

    Don't let the naysayers put you down. I say go for it at 100m/h. I have a basic Special 1 with P90 and it sounds as good as my P90 57 RE Jr, my 2020 P90 Yellow LP Special and my PRS SE Soapbar. So much so that I got a second one that I leave at the summer place. For a few months, that's the...
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    Early 2000's SG - Opinions? Value?

    That's the Special model and it has always been the entry model with a bolt-on neck. They are good guitars and the easiest SG to play. As the neck in set about 1½" deeper into the body than any other SG, it makes it more compact and doesn't have an ounce of neck dive. I never held one, but I...
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    2001 korean its a good year for a epi les paul???

    Eleven years ago, this thread was started. Maybe he bought it, maybe he didn't, maybe he sold it.
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    NGD: Epiphone Les Paul Jr 57 Reissue

    1mm on each end is really not that much. You could always file some plastic from the end holes.
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    NGD: Epiphone Les Paul Jr 57 Reissue

    Did you keep the P100 ?
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    NGD: Epiphone Les Paul Jr 57 Reissue

    Awright then, you're in business :h5:
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    NGD: Epiphone Les Paul Jr 57 Reissue

    WOOHOO ! It looks like new. Great find ! You might be disappointed about the pickup, it is not a P90 but a P100. A stacked version of a P90 that doesn't sound anything like a P90. Basically a lame humbucker. Easlly replaced. On mine I bought a cheap Chinese P90 that sounded fabulous. I only...
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    Upgrade on pickups

    Can we see the actual guitar we're talking about ? What are the pickups in there now ?
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    Upgrade on pickups

    Kind of a mixed message here :facepalm:
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    2020 Les Paul Classic Worn

    It's poly, it'll hod up to a nuclear blast.
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    New Standard 50s

    Try lowering that neck pup some more and the middle sound will come alive. Rolling off some neck volume still gets you the cocked wah thing but with less roll of.
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    New Standard 50s

    About your pickups lacking something, get a screwdriver and play with their height. It is by far the most efficient, cheap, fast mod you can do to get a better tone out of any electric guitar. Every pickup has a different sweet spot, find yours. Here's how I do it. I set the bridge pickup...
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    Indecision is a bitch

    Don’t be in a hurry for that. :rofl: Have someone swap them (or not) and the have you blind test them to see if it souns better.
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    Identification help

    Most likely Alnico Classics.

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