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    Any chiliheads here?

    I've got a bottle of "The Last Dab" The pepper is estimated at 2.3M and the sauce at 1.85M. I didn't die.
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    Jethro Tull

    Saw them at San Diego Stadium. Trower opened. Tullovision, Warm night under the stars...
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    The Who?

    I've seen them in concert 3 times... Great show!
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    Mountain Lions

    There was one in "downtown" Woodinville Washington about a month ago... It looked through the windows of a school.
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    Has Anyone Else Here Never Played a Gibson Les Paul?

    I haven't owned one for about 8 months now... Before that 5 of them over 30 years.
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    I don't own a Les Paul

    Still have my '61 coronet, My Esquire, A Zimaitis clone and a Strat. Mostly playing the Esquire... How ya been Ray? :wave: I sold off a bunch... Just had too much stuff.
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    I don't own a Les Paul

    I had a '60 Custom for a long time, I sold it for $$$ and got anR9 to replace it. The R9 was nice, but I never warmed up to it.
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    I don't own a Les Paul

    For the first time in 25 years, I don't own a Les Paul...:shock: I'll probably get one again in the future, but it'll really need to knock my socks off. Maybe I'll have one built.
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    Who Still Drives a Stick?

    Mine isn't... :)
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    Who Still Drives a Stick?

    Drive both of them... The MKIV is more "rough and ready", the MKV more sophisticated. The MKIV was the one that appealed to me. The MKV is quicker 0-60 but that has to do with the very low 1st gear on the MKIV causing an extra shift. On the track the MKIV is quicker... And yea, the...
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    Who Still Drives a Stick?

    Stick... MKIV R32 (2004) Showroom picture from when I got it...
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    Tape echo users

    Here's a secret weapon I made about 15 years ago... What you're lookin' at is, an effects loop inside an Echoplex... It's a solid state and I wanted to warm it up a bit. So I cut into the regeneration circuit and hooked it to an output jack. Then back in via a return. If...
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    Duncan Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates

    You can get double creams by request. They MUST tack the covers on though. That's how I got mine.... Sorry Martin... I see you were talking about non-Custom Shop... :)
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    Ride onboard the fastest lap of the Isle of Man course in a car

    Amazing... looks like at one point he was at 13mph and topped out around 175... WOW!