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    Let's Talk Mini Amps

    I think I'm going to grab one of those Spark amps.
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    Hate to post negative stuff but what a damn tragedy

    Yikes... This is why I stay away from the news. Terrible people. Time to go stick my head back in the sand.
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    Epiphone Unveils New Headstock Redesign for Inspired by Gibson Line

    Some things shouldn't require purple.
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    String gauge---Does this settle it once and for all?

    I just play whatever comes on the guitar and buy a new one when they wear out.
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    Best cover of Comfortably Numb...

    Wrong, it's this one.
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    What are you doing tonight?

    Corporate finance and marketing homework.
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    Fun crazy facts

    Happens more often than not lately.
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    Greta's real father?

    They both look so thrilled. Haven't seen Al in years. Father time is catching up.
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    Another Kind of MeToo...

    I too am passionate about small bottles of mint scented shampoo.
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    Tesla Wins, GM is Doomed!

    Just throw it in Yucca Mountain with the nukes.
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    two questions

    I for some reason don't get any ads whatsoever. And you're telling me this site consists of something other than the Backstage?
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    Nobody can diss Kirk Hammett anymore........

    I always liked his playing, just wasn't a fan of his lead tone.
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    Monosodium Glutamate Isn’t Bad For You, Unless You’re Racist

    A hypothesis worth testing.
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    Really holding it together for 49.