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    Harley Davidson's new ebike.

    It's a call back to the first Harley.
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    Who's got home-buying advice?

    The letter thing works. My wife simply left it on their kitchen island during the showing. It came between us and another buyer. Our offers were of equivalent value, but the other offer was cash (we financed). The sellers told us the only reason they went with us was due to the letter. That...
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    So, if Guitar Center does file for bankruptcy............

    I like Guitar Center.
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    Everything Farley

    His cousin is currently CEO of Ford.
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    Harley Davidson's new ebike.

    You'd think for a grand they'd clean up the wiring a bit. Looks like under my desk.
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    Harley Davidson's new ebike.

    I real manly man would've walked barefoot.
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    Harley Davidson's new ebike.

    I like it. Really calls back to the first gen Harleys. I'm sure it will be way too expensive and completely bomb.
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    AC/DC's new single

    Beat me to it. See above.
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    AC/DC's new single

    Apparently I was wrong. All of the songs were co-written by Malcolm before they had a chance to record them.
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    AC/DC's new single

    If I'm not mistaken, the rhythm track was recorded by Malcolm prior to his passing.
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    AC/DC's new single

    I actually like this more than most of their modern songs. Brian is sounding pretty good. The solo was a little lazy, but hey, he's 65 yo. It happens.
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    Cancel the 80s

    Agreed about the 90's teen girls. By the time I went to college in the early 00's though, belly shirts and low rise jeans were in. That was nice.
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    So I was wondering to myself.... "where's the sly ol' Henry J.?"

    Yup, in many ways he saved the brand and turned it back into a powerhouse. He just lost his way (or got bored, most likely) and wanted to turn Gibson into Apple, making bad deals toward that goal. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being successful. There's beaucoup bucks in home...
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    Special Guest Stars on Songs

    Jerry Garcia on steel guitar...
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    Here is a cool EVH video ........

    Kinda had a Jeff Beck thing going on.

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