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    Any pickup swap 'succes story'?

    490r/498t only in a les paul SG p-90's or gibson 61 humbuckers or fleshman's or dirty fingers , or angus young pickups
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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    I Love barknuckles as much as i love 490r/498t.
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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    2011 Epiphone LP bonamassa goldtop (Burstbuckers 2/3) 2013 Gibson LPJ CHERY RED - (490R / 498T) 2018 Epi LP Custom Ebony (Seymor duncan P-rails) 2020 Epi LP Custom Alpine (gold 490R/498T)
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    Best MIJ Les Paul Custom 1954 R4 Reissue (P-90s)?

    beautiful guitar now i got to get a 2020 epiphone LP custom ebony (ebony fretboard) with a seymor duncan staple and a P-rail or P-90................
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    A pair of ‘57 Classics or 490R/T. Which would you grab if you had to swap the pups on your Custom Shop Les Paul to one of these pairs?

    57 's sound cleaner but my go to pickups are 490r/498t they are so versatile on many styles of music they cut through mixes 2011 Epi LesPaul Bonamassa (burstbuckers 2/3)Goldtop 2013 Gibby LPJ (490r/498t) cherry red 2017 Epi Les Paul custom (seymor duncan P- Rails) ebony black coil...
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    When did Gibson or Epihone make a LesPaul Custom Tobacco Burst ? any pics..

    do they exist? at all ,or our these special runs ? have you seen one before?
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    When did Gibson or Epihone make a LesPaul Custom Tobacco Burst ? any pics..

    what year did kalamazoo put these out?
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    When did Gibson or Epihone make a LesPaul Custom Tobacco Burst ? any pics..

    wHEN DID epi or gibson make a LesPaul Custom in Tobacco sunburst ? any pics if people have this model...........
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    Any information on Epi 57CH pups?

    experiment young pickup, grasshopper , and take sound/tone notes, when that smile hits your face.,,,,,,, then you have found a functional Pickup (for your specific application) kapeesh.......
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    Should Gibson bring Les Paul Custom back to Gibson USA line?

    epiphone now makes a excellent 2020 Lp Custom cts pots, ebony fretboard,(probuckers) i replaced pickups too 490r498t it is just like a gibson LP Custom and it stays in tune better and sustains forever.........$5000 or $850 (updated p/u)
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    2021 lesPaul custom quality?

    silvertonebetty, my epi LP Alpine custom 2020 with ebony fret board is amazing got one wih larger diamond, and cts pots are so nice i put 490r/498t pickups in it and it sings now, i want to trade my 2017 Epi LP custom ebony , for a 2020 with ebony fretboard , and no coil taps THESE...
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    2021 lesPaul custom quality?

    don thomas email [email protected] Gold Probuckers 2/3 from my 2020 Epi LP Custom 1 week and i replaced them with 490r/498t gibson pickups, probuckers for my uses are a little muddy , but function like burstbuckers and are nice for some styles of music
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    Les Paul Custom Silverburst with new headstock

    maybe on Reverb site, ZZoom sounds, u might find one silverburst good luck
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    2021 lesPaul custom quality?

    i put gibson 490r/498t pups in my epi LP Custom alpine and now it sounds just like a gibby, but stays in tune better good luck on your guitar journey probuckers are nice, but i will rock burstbuckers whic are the real thing i have a pair of Gold Probuckers(2020 LP Custom) for sale $45 for...
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    2020 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Production Changes

    i have The New alpine LP custom, serial # /3/15/2020(LARGER DIAMOND) i changed Probuckers for 490r/498t p/u it is a proper LP Custom now

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