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    aluminum tailpieces w studs (gold)

    Sold. I'll take it.
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    Stolen/Reward Mesa Boogie Mark III Hardwood Stack

    Close, but no cigar in Indy. I'll keep looking.
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    McIntosh Stereo Rig

    Thanks. I'll look into that. I've been on Audio Karma forums for a couple of weeks. Lots to learn.
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    McIntosh Stereo Rig

    Cool stuff. I'm just starting.
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    Fair enough. I went back and read what I originally posted and most people after that were helpful, so I take back the whiners statement. And those who said sell it had good intentions, so I'll take back the FU as well. But I do remember reading thread either here or on the LPF where people...
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    Hey now, I only said FU, like FU Man Chu :laugh2:
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    Very nice.
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    I only did the Virtuoso clean and polish one time. I'll just leave it as is. I just got the idea because I bought some paint from StewMac for doing necks, and figured what the heck.
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    I don't know why I should post pictures to a bunch of whiners. You guys have no balls. I've read plenty of threads where a guy just used Deft clear lacquer with great results on Fadeds. Yes, it sports USA gold Grovers, zebra Rebel Yells under the covers. These were plain tops made for L&M. The...
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    SOLD - Fishman Fluence Modern loaded Carbon Fiber pickguard

    I love looking at this on multiple forums. Gorgeous, but I have no idea about the pickups and for most of my axes it would double what I have in them. If I had a 2008 Charvel Tangerine USA SoCal I think I would have to buy this.
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    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    i have an L&M 2012 Faded Les Paul. I hate faded Les Pauls, but this one cost me about $1000 shipped and has a killer vintage burst in lemon drop. I have done the Virtuoso clean and polish to get it somewhat shiny, but now I'm thinking of giving it a thin coat of aged clear lacquer I picked up...
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    >1 Les Paul: Why?

    7 Gibson LP's. All different IMO, I like variety. No single one is master.
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    Fingerboard Width

    Measure. I never noticed this myself going from RI's to standards and back again. But i suppose it is possible. Standard guitars get F-Spaced bridge pickups (depending on the guitar). So the slots in the bridge are spaced slightly wider. Possible they might make the neck slightly wider, or just...
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    NGD Les Paul Black Beauty

    Dunno? My 1977 LP Custom weighs exactly the same with 2 pickups.
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    NGD: 1997 Gibson Les Paul Elegant Firemist

    I liked the firemist when I saw one back in 1997. Too much $ at the time to purchase one.

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