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    This seemed priced right to you?

    As others have said, I would pass. If it was a Firemist, I'd still pass but I'd cry as well.
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    90's Classic Premium plus Flat frets

    What year in the 90s? I have a 1996 Classic Premium Plus and the frets are nothing like this. I had Dan Erlewine do some maintenance on it back in the early 2000's, but I don't think he had to do much to it. I have my doubts about the owner saying this is how it came stock. I'd say it's been...
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    WTB: Gibson 68RI Les Paul Custom - Ebony w. Nickel Hardware

    Yes, there were black ones with nickel (aged I think). Most said the necks were fatter on these than the '68 Custom with the tri-burst finish.
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    What do you love about huge fat necks ?

    Fat necks suck.
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    Need immediate help on identification of a 90s R9. Identified: R6 60 Reissue

    The LP Classic was designed (in 1990) to compete against the superstrats of the time. High output pickups, thin shredder necks.
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    2013 (?) R0 NGD

    Did the inlay material change from 2003 to 2013? Just trying to think of visual cues to figure out the year.
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    LP Traditional 2018 Pickups

    What is missing from the BB1&BB2 set? Will the MojoTone set have what is missing?
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    NGD: 50s Standard and Burstbucker question

    Never seen BB1 or BB2 with a Gibson USA baseplate before. They used to have the blank baseplates with PAF stickers. But who knows, times change, Gibson changes specs when they feel like it. The caps in the control cavity are obvious replacements, so who knows what else was done.
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    The value of this guitar?

    Du Hast
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    LPC advice - different generations.

    First you should know the specs, and then, are they what you are looking for? Neck material is 1 piece mahogany. Fret size? Neck shape? Pickups would be 490R/498T if stock. Is this what you like? Doing your research ahead of time will prevent mistakes.
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    Japan Vs US

    If you are going there, then consider Charvels and Jacksons as well. Jackson PROs were so good that Jackson started downgrading the specs (like no more ebony) to force people to buy USA models. Oh, and none of my Gibsons will stay in tune anywhere near as well as my maple neck guitars. I think...
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    Show me your Les Paul Classics (1960 Reissue!)

    My avatar is a 1996 Premium Plus, zebra 496R/500T with push pull tones to split the coils. Sounds like a Tele with the coils split. Pots are 500K CTS, .015 and .022 orange drop caps.
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    LPC advice - different generations.

    I have a very worn 1977 LP Custom. I wanted it because I wanted a maple neck LP. The neck profile is great to me (I like slim necks). The frets are original, playable, but jumbos would be so much nicer. It is pretty heavy at 10lbs 12 oz. The tone is to die for. I am a metal player, but with...
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    Cloudy Nitro

    Sorry to wake up a 5 year old thread but... Which of the above methods have had actual success? I have a 1963 SG that was resprayed back in 2004. I hardly play it at all - is sits in a Historic case. I just noticed it is cloudy, pretty much all over the body. This was not done by sweaty...

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