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    Gabby Petito -- missing 22 year old

    Guys, as a retired lawyer, here it is. Nobody has to talk to the police, and can demand to have a lawyer present. With or without the lawyer present, the person can refuse to answer anything. If the person refusing is brought to trial, the DA cannot mention the refusal to the jury. That’s one...
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    Wall warts - How cheap is TOO CHEAP?

    Sorry, but I think all 9V wall warts are created equal. I have one of those things from SW, but don’t use it as I got amps more properly voiced for me. I use only a compressor and analog delay now — sparingly. And since 9V batteries are not depriving me of my “beer money” I just go with them...
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    New reverse engineered ABR-1

    I am not sure if rounding off and thickening the top of the saddle helps at all. I swapped off the original ABR on my one owner ‘61 LP SG Standard and replaced it with a a Gotoh bridge that fit for under $30USD that improved it’s tone. One thing about the Gotoh is that it comes with “shallow...
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    One for us tube snobs

    I have heard Steve Howe play live a few times, and he used a hybrid Line 6 and sounded great. But I am not Steve Howe and am nowhere near his league. So I continue to use tubes, as I have done for 60 years.
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    UPS Store - corporate B.S.

    I don’t work for AmEx either. In fact, I no longer work for anybody. But we find AmEx much easier to contact than the other cards. One time I was in Germany on a river cruise and an ATM in one of the stops “ate” my AmEx card. The help desk on the boat contacted AmEx and the call was answered...
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    UPS Store - corporate B.S.

    I have a solution to much of this customer abuse. I put all goods and services I get on AmEx Platinum. If there is a problem, and after I have contacted the seller (or tried to and failed) I call AmEx and challenge the charge. You’d be surprised how many corporate sellers don’t respond within...
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    UPS Store - corporate B.S.

    Every business in my little city has a help wanted sign in the window, some with a hefty sign on bonus. Yet every business is badly understaffed and service is poor. The real minimum wage here is $15 per hour — and up. Is this a local problem, or have any here noticed the same thing in your area?
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    Gabby Petito -- missing 22 year old

    I think so.
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    Gabby Petito -- missing 22 year old

    The murder - if there was one occurred in WY. So the parents can’t be charged with that. But if they helped the suspect allude the cops in FL, that is a separate crime and FL has jurisdiction.
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    Gabby Petito -- missing 22 year old

    That is because I am a retired attorney myself, always had a secretary, and never learned to keyboard. What I was saying is the ethic rules of the BAR associations require an attorney to cease representation of a client who cannot be contacted by the attorney. An attorney who cannot remain in...
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    Gabby Petito -- missing 22 year old

    There usually is a crime in being an accessory after the fact. That is, providing aid to a suspect, whether he has been charged or not. Is this crime occurred it occurred in FL.
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    Gabby Petito -- missing 22 year old

    The thing I don’t understand I’d the conduct of the guy’s attorney. No criminal attorney would advise a criminal suspect to flee (can be used as proof of guilt). And if the attorney did not give such advice and the suspect client went out of contact with the attorney, ethic rules of the gar...
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    Gabby Petito -- missing 22 year old

    TV news now says they have found her body. Maybe thay will escalate the search for him!
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    Inflation has reached guitar gear, how long will it last?

    I too have noticed escalating prices for gear. First, it seemed to be for used stuff, as the new stuff seemed to be on infinite back order. Now severe inflation is hitting new gear. Sweetwater has recently increased prices by around 10% on items that have been out of stock since the beginning of...
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    Bugera V22 Infinium 6 years later?

    Dr. Ohmtron, The 13W setting is obtained by setting the triode/pentode switch on triode. Pentode will give you 22W. Simply stated, triode setting does not use all the power the power tubes have, while pentode does. Triode also gives a bit different tone and attack response, which I like. Just to...

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