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    PSA for lazy guys for Mother’s Day

    1-800-flowers is not a florist. It is only a company that has contracts with local florists. Some are good and some are bad. Problem is, you never know what you are going to get. We have had bad luck with them and similar floral delivery companies Lately, and did get half our money back (which...
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    Orianthi SJ-200 CS signature.

    Orianthi, regardless of her looks, is a good guitar player. However, she is known for playing PRS electrics, not Gibson acoustics. IMHO a big mistake was made when her PRS endorsement deal terminated in late 2012 or so. I am not saying that she can’t play acoustics well. She probably can. But...
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    PSA for lazy guys for Mother’s Day

    I guess I’m lucky. Years ago I asked my wife what she wanted for Mother’s Day. Her reply was “I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER!”. Seriously, she really doesn’t even want a card from me on Mother’s Day. That stuff is up to our kids. Now her birthday is just a few days before Mother’s Day, and she does want...
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    The DOL is trolling me!

    Sir, I didn’t post on this thread — until now.
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    Rule #32 - Enjoy the little things

    Great post, cybermgk! I too see signs that “we all are going to make it”! When I do, I feel as you did, recounted in your post.
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    And he still showed up late

    At least THIS drummer won’t play too loud — at least not now.
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    Delusional Sellers/Listings - Hall of Shame

    HardCore, Thanks.. No I didn’t see the girl’s names post. I’ll try to find it. I was just curious about the two Norlin era LPs at radically different prices.
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    Delusional Sellers/Listings - Hall of Shame

    What is a ‘74 LP worth? And what is that extra switch in the middle of the knobs?
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    Chevy Bolt EV fires, burning down the house.

    It’s not that I dislike the concept of EVs, because I do. Rather, I don’t think the engineering is fully cooked — yet. The lack of range is seemingly being addressed on higher dollar models. But the long charging time issue and the lack of quick charge stations in parts of the US remain...
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    PRS McCarty 594 Joe Walsh Limited Edition McCarty Sunburst

    Well, it seems to be unavailable — just like the PRS model I have my eye on. Paul, what’s wrong with you!
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    Locking tuners post is very low - would you accept this?

    the only reason I like locking tuners is that they keep newly installed strings in tune better after a bend. But that is something.
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    Chevy Bolt EV fires, burning down the house.

    IDK, but I understand EVs use big lithium ion batteries. Airlines won't let me fly even with small ones due to the fire hazzard. This is one of several reasons I don't own an EV and don't plan to.
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    Curious if you're dealing with stuff you can't get?

    And what is the deal about people drawing unemployment instead of working? Having once lived in Oklahoma, I am no stranger to drawing unemployment due to "oil busts". When I was on it, I was required to submit a weekly list of places where I had applied for a job. If I didn't do so, no pay! And...
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    Delusional Sellers/Listings - Hall of Shame

    Now the price on that Ovation is truly delusional! I have heard that Ovations are out of favor with many acoustic players.
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    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    No, just the guitar. After the 2012 model year, the guitar was discontinued, apparently because Orianthi started advertising for Fretlite guitars. Thats a shame because this guitar has an ebony board, maple neck (thin) mahogany body with a maple cap. All the goodies.

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