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  • Hey Dole,

    I dont know if you saw my post on the thread about pop up ads but ive been using the app Norton Ad Blocker and it seems to do the trick on solving all of the You Won ads. I figured I'd let you know.
    I didnt figure MLP would have anything to do with the pop ups...not directly.

    However, I was was wondering if one of their advertisers were infected, or connected to the pop-ups.

    So I was wondering if members paying for zero ads were having any issues...?

    Not trying to take $$ from MLP but, this is extremely effective in protecting my Ipads and phone...
    Hello sir,

    Concerning pop up issues...

    Are you experiencing these issues with a paid MLP subscription/membership ?
    Yes, I am a $20 paid premium member of MLP. I have been advised by local folks who know computers better than I that these pop-up ads are not being presented by MLP. Instead MLP is being hacked.
    And soooo, I appreciate your comments in my thread pertaining to that SG LP Jr with a "bad headstock" repair. In your opinion what would be a good asking price to sell this guitar ? It comes with a Non Original case. BUT I am also trying to get the ORIGINAL P90 that came with the harness that is currently in the guitar , I think that it was a 1966. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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