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    Gibson Les Paul Classic 120 anniversary 2014 - thoughts?

    I had a ‘14 Les Paul Traditional, and it was an outstanding guitar.
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    Les Paul Recording 1974 refin or not?

    If the guitar doesn’t work for you, why don’t you sell it to someone who will love it for what it is and then buy what you really want?
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    Does this 1961 Gibson Melody Maker look original?

    I really don’t know much about Melody Makers, but that one looks beautiful to me. It makes me think that I’d like to go that route when I have the funds.
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    2019 Gibson les Paul junior please help

    I bought one of the Juniors right after they were released and received a mess just like this one. It wasn’t from Sweetwater, but I expected more from Gibson and the dealer. All of their stock of Juniors had problems, but it turned out well in the end. They gave me a Special in TV yellow for the...
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    Pay somebody (a professional) to do it. You may save some money, and you’ll save your sanity.
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    Upgrade my combo cabinet & speaker or get an extension cab?

    Nice, larger combo cab with 12 inch.
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    Upgrade my combo cabinet & speaker or get an extension cab?

    Sell it and buy a Blues Junior III tweed. I’ve owned a Blues Junior for over ten years, and they are amazing. Fifteen watts, twelve inch speaker and a master volume. I gave my second version to my son a few months ago and missed it terribly. So I bought a new one. The fourth version is out but...
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    Fender 68 CPR Replacement Tube?

    Tung Sol, Electro Harmonix, Mullard.
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    2019 Gibson les Paul junior please help

    Back with that one.
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    Slash Les Paul

    No, thank you.
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    Thoughts on string gauge—

    I have damage to the joints on both hands from years of wood work using many hand tools for the detailed stuff. I found that I was able to regain motion and lose the pain in my hands by using a small hand exerciser and a flexible rubber ball. Now I’m stringing all my guitars with 09-46 Elixir...
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    Tone King Imperial MK 2 VS Fender DRRI

    You might want to consider the “64 Custom Deluxe Reverb.” It’s hand wired, solid pine cabinet. Trem and reverb on both channels, etc. I’ve owned a ‘65 DRRI for nearly ten years and I plan to upgrade to the ‘64 Custom.
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    Les Paul Custom Wiring 2019 issue

    Who did you buy this from? Is it supposed to be new?

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