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    Do You Humidify Your Electrics

    never did that in almost 50 years
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    Color bleed?

    you better use gibson polish, as anything else causes color bleed.
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    2 Brand New LP's, Horrible Buzz

    send them back in return immediately
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    The Resurgence Of The Sister Rosetta Tharpe SG Custom

    don't believe she's famous enough for selling this guitar successfully
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    Gold Top Serial number

    looks like fake to me
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    choose pickup for les paul sound for strat?

    a strat never will sound like a gibson
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    Slash LP Values

    looking awful
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    That Peter Green Sound

    how often played Greeni the out-of-phase-sound with a Les Paul?
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    POLL: Heavy Les Paul or Chambered?

    Les Pauls doesn't sound good if they aren't pretty heavy!
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    “Vintage style wiring”

    guess your understanding of vintage wiring is different. You mean the wire wrapped with a coil, especially the loose airy wiring without wax or lacquer potting. The regular understanding of vintage wiring means the tone and volume control circuit. The loose airy wiring without potting may...
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    Thoughts on the 2019 SC Junior

    cool guitar.
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    Joe Perry Gold Rush Les Paul Axcess NGD

    cool guitar:applause:
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    Gibson Slash Guitars as Investments

    me fully agree to moreles. No "investments" at all .
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    Vintage style locking tuners-Gotoh vs Kluson

    I'm using Gotoh Magnum Lock for a long time very happily.
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    Ngd and joining the club!

    I would immediately replace the knobs by blueish ones or, ifn't available, by black ones, as vanillish looking shabby.