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    Humbucker Nickel cover question

    vintage look-a-like for small money. You simply ordered the wrong covers.
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    Duncan Bonamassa Amos pickups?
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    my new Epiphone Les Paul Custom

    very cool
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    What has happened to The Used Guitar Market Pricing?

    early in the 70ths a used white falcon was sold for ~225$. In the second half of the 70ths things gone crazy, therefore I don't wonder about today's prices! We simply should stop paying more $ for a used guitar!
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    German or Japanese Humbuckers?

    one coil has staggered polepieces like vintage fender pups. This produces a sharp, brilliant tone with less eddy currents, as Helmuth Lemme described it in his book on Guitar electronics, which indeed is german, For my taste a smart idea, however I didn't know they build pups like that.
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    The best Dimarzio 36th sound sample ever.

    cool. great player - great sound! Missing: what amp, pedals?
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    What do you like about Gibson?

    my gibsons all look good, sound good, feel good, and play good. No other brand delivers that. Thus I prefer paying a bit more for a gibson, as only a gibson is good enough!
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    Custom P 90s and Standard P 90s GT differences?

    P90 is a word applied to all single coil pickups with larger coils and a bar magnets set under the polepieces. Thus they vary very much. Not only with regards to the induced microvolts, also the coil dimensions. Older rockinger neck P90s coil dimensions resemble those of fender strats for...
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    Peter Green, RIP

    R..I.P greatest of all brit blueser of the sixties :eek:
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    Acoustic tone of Strat

    I own 2 very good fenders. Nevertheless fenders are cheap mass products with bolt on necks. You can't compete them with a real guitar, a Gibson.
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    String Change Frequency

    In the 70ths and early 80ths I changed them weekly. Since I'm playing flats with my jazz guitars I also change the round wounds of my rock/blues guitars within a couple of years.
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    newbie needs help evaluating LPs

    first of all listen to what your ears, eyes and fingers say,. As an acoustic player you are used to play heavy gauged strings with high action. That's a big problem. Typical for a modern LP are light gauge strings and a low action. I play 010ths with a reletively low action good for blues...
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    NAD: Whacky Amp for Les Pauls

    vox proven that they can do a valve tone out of transistor related circuits
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    Hum when volume rolled down

    inspect the wiring circuit. Somethings wrong there

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