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    Pondering my next Gibson…which one?

    Quote [What do you like most about them? ] The incredible variety of tones that are possible with the split coils... and just the overall quality in general. Best LP I've put my hands on
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    Just Bought a "Demo" off Gibsons Demo Shop

    That is an insanely awesome guitar. I wouldn't change a thing about how it looks. Major congrats!! With regards to the pickups and electronics, I would have to play it for a while to see (hear) what it needs, and that probably is absolutely nothing.
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    Pondering my next Gibson…which one?

    Save up and get a LP Modern, that is if you can find one. It will scratch just about every Gibson itch you could ever have.
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    NGD R8 Murphy Lab Ultra light aged

    Way to go !!! I am in the exact same situation, and that sweetheart is the least you deserve. Don't stop looking; Get whatever you want. Guitars, new, used or vintage, are holding their value. I don't buy any of my gear as investments, but it is nice to know that it all will be redeemable when...
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    What current models have 57 paf? Pics

    My 2019 Classic Lite has them. They need to be high, close to the strings or they are dullsville ... but when set up right, they sound as good as anything I have.
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    NGD, Gibson LP Modern, Pelham Blue

    Thanks for the upgrade, but it makes my sofa more embarrassing than I ever thought :)
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    NGD, Gibson LP Modern, Pelham Blue

    Yes ... I'm not sure what it will ever do the benefit me, but it's there if I ever figure it out. :)
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    NGD, Gibson LP Modern, Pelham Blue

    This arrived last Saturday. It is a demo from Sweetwater, 2400 bucks. The only visible signs of use are some cut marks on the pickguard and cavity covers. Some moron obviously used an exacto knife or something to remove the plastic film from the plastic. The pickguard is going anyway, and I can...
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    Locking machine heads

    Locking tuners do nothing to help tuning stability here at my place. I still have to wrap and stretch the strings, and make sure there is no binding in the nut and saddles (Elixers help with this big time). There is no spring controlled vibrato that will even come close to a fixed bridge for...
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    factory 2nd Timmy direct from Paul C.

    I've got one of the MXR mini Timmy's .... it has great tone, and I love clip switch because every guitar reacts differently ... That is really cool. The volume boost is a bit too much, but it does sound great ... and being a 'mini', it's too tiny to adjust on the fly in a gigging situation...
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    Just read where Gibson is raising their prices next week…

    I bought a LP Modern, Pelham Blue demo from Sweetwater, just a few days ago. $2400. Should be delivered tomorrow, but Fedex is involved so it will probably Monday or after. Seems like a good decision considering you can hardly find one anywhere else on the planet ... It may turn out to be a...
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    Gender of a guitar...

    I hope you do realize that my post was in 100% humor
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    NGD - my first R9!

    Awesome, and I bet it smells good too!
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    Gender of a guitar...

    I have a 'Les Paul Custom' truss rod cover on my Studio. It was a joke Christmas present from several years ago, but you would be surprised at how many people have fallen for it. I am rather skilled musician. Would you please buy me a LPJ?
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    Repairing small chip in binding - new guitar

    Who the hell wants pack and ship a guitar, and then it's going to be in the hands of UPS or Fedex twice, and who knows what can happen to it at Gibson. The only way I would do it is to send it back on a one way ticket.