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    Gibson 70th Anniversary Les Paul

    Definitely need more pics. From the pics posted I love the top, the color is just perfect for me and the figuring is very nice... Not the crazy figuring of some others that are being put out. ...I have to say I am not fan relic jobs on new guitars, but to each their own on that.
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    The Marriage Counsellor - 1W Plexi Amplifier

    Do you have some gut shots of the amp? I'd be interested to see how the build looks.
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    FS: 1965 Fender Vibro Champ

    Smart decision, I sold one after moving about 20 years ago to help with living expenses at the time........I still regret that sale.
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    Oh My!!! That is tempting, I might have to postpone my unleash or power station purchase. Love the color, the back, the top grain.......just an honest looker without being a supermodel. Do you know if the top in veneered on this?
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    How have these sellers not been flagged? What am I missing?

    I am glad I stumbled upon this thread, a little sad that I found it a little too late. I have been looking for a Strat recently and found a couple that were from Japan and not available in my market, but I found multiple listings (3 or 4) for each one and decided it was easier to go with another...
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    FS. Seth Lover pickup set

    Sent a PM. I see someone else replied before me, but I would like the next shot.
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    PM sent
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    Finishing white pine with danish oil and tru oil

    I have what I am 95 percent sure is a white pine tele body (could be sugar pine) that I am getting ready to finish and have some questions? I was going to start by applying golden oak danish oil and sanding it in to fill the grain and finish using tru oil. - Should I seal, or put minwax pre...
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    Win a 2018 Gibson Les Paul Faded: MLP Fundraiser Giveaway

    If you get one of the memberships to enter in the contest do they come with no side bar, or no ads like the premium membership?
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    Truss rod cover missing looks..

    I'm wondering if I get any respect for the one I have on my 2011 Manhattan Midnight Studio. 20170930_123031 by dka-65 posted Sep 30, 2017 at 4:40 PM
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    FS: Pigdog, Prescription Electronics, Lovepedal, OCCTone, Colorsound, More

    Which of the two do you personally prefer? I can see where I would like both of them for different reasons. But my amps are a Tweed Champ clone, 1969 Bassman that I am going to have modded like Mike Ness's Bassman, and an AC15C1.
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    FS: Pigdog, Prescription Electronics, Lovepedal, OCCTone, Colorsound, More

    What's the difference between these two? OCCTone Mk2 (one of the best DS1 mods ever)- $100 OCCTone PMC (Keith Richards has one)- $100 Working on CEU's and don't have a bunch of time to research right now.

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