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    Should Gibson bring Les Paul Custom back to Gibson USA line?

    it has a 2 piece maple cap, painted black, so it's not the finest AAA or anything and the black paint hides it anyway. 9 hole relief body, Nitro finish...nothing that the much different to the Modern Collection Classic. and really it's not like it will be a premium wood...That's the argument...
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    Should Gibson bring Les Paul Custom back to Gibson USA line?

    I agree with the OP. It should be included within the original collection. Other variants could be added into the Custom Shop. Having said that when you are in that price range, I'd be looking at a McCarty 594.....;)
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    The wait begins ...

    I saw somewhere there was a Gibson version due out
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    Valuing Signature models

    I think you are looking at the 900 -1K CAD for any of the ones you mentioned. You can look on reverb and see what previous sales have been.
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    Possibly because Bonamassa has some control over his run since it has his name on it?. I've never seen that many issue or complaints with any of the Bonamassa's Epi's. I've owned 2 of the PB LP's, the Firebird and the V. All perfect
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    1959 LP Standard Outfit pickup mounting ring issues

    Who ever signed off of that should be fired! Hopefully Yorkville send you the correct ones, however I have to say I'm doubtful that they will be the taller ones. It really is piss poor of Epiphone / Gibson to let them go out like that. All the song and dance about it being designed along with...
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    New 2020 Silverburst?

    I believe it's a L&M exclusive run
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    Would have to disagree there. It depends upon your own ears and taste I think, much like action and set up, what amp you are running, pedals, at all changes the tone. But it's worth playing with as well as pickup height itself. Here is an interesting article...
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    I've not played this particular Les Paul yet. Although I have others I own. I now find the 50's neck harder to play, much refer the neck of my Slash LP, more of a 60s profile. Truth be told access is always restricted by the heel. That's why, for me personally, between my Fenders, Gibsons...
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    JJN Goldtop coming

    ...and no "Blues Power" logo...much better
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    It's supposed to be the same scale length as the Gibson, so based on that , assuming both are the same scale length, it's the bridge pickup that's not in the correct location on the Epi (nor are the knobs)
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    Good comparison picture. Have to wonder, considering Epiphone Les Paul is authentic (i.e not a cheap rip off), and this model especially is being pushed as in conjunction with custom shop, why can they not place the bridge and knobs in the correct position? Or is it the bridge pickup is too...
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    Plenty of Les Paul set up information out there in google land... Get the action how you like it, and play with the pickup heights until it sounds good TO YOU
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    I think you's find a Whole Lotta differences between this and the Epi if you had both in hand to play.
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    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    Myself, the 2017 Gibson. Maple Cap, Rosewood board, Grovers, Slim taper neck, Gibson on the headstock. You call though, your money.

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