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    NGD - 60's Les Paul Standard - Bourbon Burst

    She's one tall glass of bourbon - congrats!
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    2011 ESP Vintage Plus Distressed MIJ

    I have one of these Vintage Plus strats - somebody will be getting a phenomenal guitar! GLWTS
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    NGD: 1988 PRS Custom 24

    Beautiful guitar - enjoy!
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    Post Your Telecasters! Here's Mine...

    American Standard with a gorgeous flamed maple neck not visible here...I don't know what it is about Fenders and red, but my only other Fender is a red P-bass I just acquired
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    NGD:G&L ASAT Bluesboy Classic

    Oh man - so freakin' tempting!
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    Advise for a new acoustic guitar

    I'm a Taylor man, but in that price range I look hard into Breedlove.
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    Ngd: Cc #22

    Nice looking warhorse!
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    NGD: Finally pulled the trigger on a Gibson

    93 was a great year for LPs - congrats!
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    NGD: PRS Porn - Modern Eagle III

    Very nice!!
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    NGD: PRS S2 Vela "Satin"

    Love the way these look - congrats on a nice axe!
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    NGD: 1965 Pelham Blue SG Junior

    Wow - really cool piece for the arsenal!
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    Ngd....1987 heritage h357 firebird in pelham blue

    Very cool axe, and great story to go with it!
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    NGT: PRS SC245 whale Blue

    Gorgeous - rock it in good health!
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    NGD 2013 Standard

    Love the 2013 Standards - congrats!

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