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    Flying V's and Trouble

    this look on women worked for me in the 80s not sure why everyone is only posting guys in headbands.
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    WTH. Seen it All

    Why do dogs lick their balls? cuz they can Sorry oooooooollllld joke.
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    WTH. Seen it All

    Actually the trend toward no That is because there is no money in it. Who is gonna fund it? Not Purina. No money from govt sources as it is for dogs. I will say that the trend towards more meat has been happening for 20 yrs. My wife is active in GSP showing. I used to be active in AKC field...
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    WTH. Seen it All

    old school- there has been a move in higher end foods toward more meat due to increases of diabetes in least according to my vet.
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    WTH. Seen it All

    I stand corrected. Omnivores. Just made an assumption they were carnivores given our vets rec of low carb loads for our dogs. Live and learn
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    WTH. Seen it All

    Just saw a section on CNBC for plant based meatless dog food. It supposedly has clean protein....whatever the hell that is. For gods sake...dogs are carnivores. The only clean protein for dogs is eating meat. WTH
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    Well, things keep getting dumber.

    Sometimes a gal wants to highlight her bondage desires
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    Liberace Would Have Been 100 This Year

    Do you think Elton John modeled himself after Liberace
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    My Pillow | review

    foam is the car, office, mattresses, shipping, on and on. If it were gonna kill us it shoulda done it by now. And some inventive lawyer would have won the class action case of the century. bah humbug
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    U can nut up
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    Dogs like to hang their heads out the car window

    One of our dogs gets up and goes to another room when one of we humans farts. It is always good for a laugh to see the role reversal. Not that we would do it on purpose:rofl:
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    Are Trannies Living Rent-Free In Your Brain?

    ain't no trannies in my brain. It is just that sometimes I enjoy wearing pink furry slippers. After all, sometimes a man just wants to feel pretty.
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    more proof Vegans are "Nuts"......

    When citing an authoritative voice on a scientific subject it is usually a good idea to use an individual that actually graduated from high school.
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    more proof Vegans are "Nuts"......

    I am a meatarian. Veggies are cool. ALL.....get in me belly