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    Boring Music

    I will be one of those people- todays popular music sux.
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    Hottie talks to trees and grass. It’s true!

    What do the WEIRD arm movements do? Do you have to go to an arm spaz class to learn it?
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    Story time and a thankyou

    Are you calling me a douche canoe???? (what is a douch canoe...?)
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    Victim was a werewolf? WTF!

    Chattahoochee= River in GA that runs thru Atlanta. Affectionately called the hooch
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    Victim was a werewolf? WTF!

    Of course you want him sent werewolf. Were you recently in London eating at Lee Ho Fook's?.
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    Tree carving on the family farm

    Where you from boy? Holler ain't a term used much above the Mason Dixon line. Nice piece of history.
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    Country singer dead, prop handgun was real

    Nah ...this guy offed himself on purpose. Family came up with dumb shit story for press so their loved one would not be put in bad light. Sad but happens. Nothing to do with gun safety yada yada yada. Just someone tired of living
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    it's Friday - so the guy at the urinal next to me....

    Glad I am retired...people's bathroom habits are weird.
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    What's your carry knife?

    that would be racist
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    What's your carry knife?

    Eight pages of toxic masculinity. How many phallic symbols do you need to carry to prove you have balls? I carry a wood carving of a man in a boat to show I am open to my feminine side
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    Country singer dead, prop handgun was real

    definitely. Carrying a gun in your pocket that accidentally discharges and hits you in the temple...interesting physics problem
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    Gibson CEO leaves Levis

    Sometimes a man wants to feel pretty. I am hoping that Gibson was in such shit shape it just needed someone modestly competent and not a savior. Not sure he has the cred to be savior material. We definitely thought Henry qualified for a while. Fingers crossed for Gibson
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    Gibson CEO leaves Levis

    My guess and pure speculation- he was being forced out ahead of the IPO and was gonna lose all his upside so why not make the leap. Occam's razor Investors clearly did not think he was instrumental in the ongoing success of the company
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    Gibson CEO leaves Levis

    It would be a unique contract if he got to keep all his various incentives upon leaving for a new job. Very unique. Most of those incentive disappear if you go to a new job. That is what I seen in most exec contracts but you could be right.It would be highly unlikely. He would have been better...

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