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    This conspiracy theory takes the cake

    When the legend becomes fact, print the legend. The Man who Shot Liberty Valance Who knows in this case?
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    Big Saturday night!!!!!

    Went to dinner with the better half. Back home by 7:15. A lot of gray hair at restaurants at that hour for eats. We fit right in.
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    You know you’re too old to rock ‘n roll when....

    Ur not too old to rock and roll when you don't give a ef about Daltry and what he wants
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    Children and Veganism

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    Children and Veganism

    Might have to disagree about raw chicken bones. Both of our vets say raw chicken bones are fine. Cooked chicken bones are not. Raw chicken with bones was on both their lists of what to give dogs on raw diet as apparently getting enough calcium is their diet is tough without some bone daily...
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    Children and Veganism

    I recently took one of our dogs to the vet due to incontinence probs. Vet did blood tests and said the dog was borderline diabetic. His solution was to stop feeding kibble and put the dog on a canine keto diet as he called it. Meat meat meat plus a little(talking a handful) of veggie matter. He...
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    Children and Veganism

    Interesting that no vegans are coming to this thread to edumecate us on proper child or pet diet.
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    Children and Veganism

    There are vegans at MLP. Why are they not speaking up here?????
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    Exxon knew

    Wait..... I gotta reread this thread. It started as a thread about global warming. Now we think China is the evil empire. I gotta figure this out.
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    Can we do Medical Marijuana here in the backstage?

    YUp...lets talk after you stop bogarting that thing.
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    Forum software glitch?

    You have received the double secret partial ban. Sorry.
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    Even Zeppelin would suck if todays producers got hold of it

    I thought it was interesting to see how far Bonham lagged. It just goes to show that music ain't math
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    Shrooms Decriminalized in Denver

    sample size of 1. Another sample size of 1- I took em, never felt a damn thing. It happens. But do not deny those where it ended badly. Seen it, lived it and it is bad.
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    Shrooms Decriminalized in Denver

    hallucinogens for the masses? this will not end well. More than a few folks in HS and college expanded their minds a bit much and became paranoid schizo. A few worked out of it but two committed suicide in their 20s. No thanks
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    To the moon

    Why would he want this.? Amazon does not deliver there. What would be the cost of a Prime membership out there?