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    Any of you fellas on the keto diet?

    For those worried about your health of keto with its high animal fat content, here are the facts 1. US special forces has been encouraged to pursue a Keto diet for a number of reason. While not a mandate, over 90% of Seal teams have converted. Special forces have also been given access to Jeff...
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    For Mal

    I think this is in your strike zone. The drummer is pretty awesome even if this is not really my bag.
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    Tesla keeps charging, stock has best day since 2013.

    Remember when the smart guys were selling at $400 according to MLPers. at $800 plus..those smart guys have lost all their money. This stock has crushed folks.
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    Fender Musical Instruments announces a change in ownership

    The king is dead, Long live the King OR Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss
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    Do you feed your dog...

    ohh....ok. u do not question.. sorry to upset bad
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    Do you feed your dog...

    Myu doc used to say eggs were bad. Now he says eat all you want. My doc used to say do not eat read meat. Now he says it is OK. On and on. Appeals to authority are no guarantee of knowledge. A good friend is a vet. He does not believe it. So lets get em on here to duke it out. I do not believe...
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    Do you feed your dog...

    Wait. A study based on 24 animals of the same breed? And a breed that is prone to this disease to start with. Nothing was controlled including having a control group. And the study was not conducted over a period of time. All they did was take 24 dogs with the disease and asked what they ate. Is...
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    String gauge---Does this settle it once and for all?

    I thought this site was mostly men. Folks playing 8s and 9s. Jeez. Time to go on testosterone supplements
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    We need a revolution in this country. It's out of control.

    What would Goldman do if the board was all women? Would they require you to have a man on the board? My new bracelet...WWGD...what would Goldman do...
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    Do you feed your dog...

    OK this will drive everyone nuts. We feed our 3 GSPs raw. Raw burger and raw chicken mainly/ Lard thrown in. Sardines every so often. Organ meat 1 or 2x per week. Some veggie matter like peas green beans or cole slaw mix. Maybe a few berries. Some dairy. Plus whatever is getting dated in the...
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    COVID19-thread (Title change, Thread for serious info only).

    FINALLY. Self awareness is a biotch. Yes puns are a sickness.
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    The reality of environmental "science"

    Apparently so. We in the US and Europe are producing less CO2 and other "pollutants" than we were 10,15 or even 20 yers ago despite population growth and economic growth. Looks like prosperity solves problems. Greta needs to go to India and China where the real probs are rather than buzzing...
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    The reality of environmental "science"

    It is better for your career to be a climate alarmist. No one wants to hear that it will be OK.
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    Nobody can diss Kirk Hammett anymore........

    Can't diss Hammet? I disagree. Haters gonna hate. Wankery survives good deeds.

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