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    Happy Canada Day To All The Hosers and Gords!

    A Canadian I once worked with explained the diff btw an American and a Canadian this way- An American pot of lobsters starts to boil. A lobster gets out and starts pulling other lobsters out and each of those lobsters tries to pull others out. A Canadian pot of lobsters starts to boil. One...
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    Man wakes to random woman giving him oral

    um...ya....would not
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    Billie Joe Armstrong Renounces US Citizenship.

    oh c'mon man. I got that on high school sexually frustrating dates.
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    Billie Joe Armstrong Renounces US Citizenship.

    I am not sure you really understand what the Supreme Ct did. They did not make abortion illegal. They said it was a matter for the state, thereby overturning a federal mandate. That is all. The laws surrounding the issue will be decided at the state level. Just like most laws- it is a matter...
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    Billie Joe Armstrong Renounces US Citizenship.

    Pouty lipped,, virtue signalling,, taking my ball amd leaving, immature lunacy
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    What do you want?

    I want a naughty 5'8" hot Swedish or Norwegian or Danish gal in her 20s. Is that asking too much?
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    Mera smells of mackerel
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    Row vs Wade

    Unless you use sculls
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    Russian Air Defense System Shoots Itself

    Russian Missile Commander
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    Well… I done went and did it now. Prepare the MLP Dumbass Award

    Will you get a guitar shipped?
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    Thinking about a new diet? Is this the one for you?

    My son's Subaru is parked in the driveway. Is there any risk to my sexual preferences?
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    I Don't Like Spiders And Eighteen Foot Long Snakes

    you do not like big snakes and spiders? Well whatever...... Nancy
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    Not Sure I should Post This

    I worked on Wall Street for 35+ yrs in varied capacities. There is an old saying on Wall St that the only value of senior mngt on Wall St is to know when the party is ending- ie, things are getting ugly. If I were a sr exec I would be getting worried and telling my folks to start pulling risk...
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    Inflation - What are you doing about it ??

    Do not bother calling

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