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    Manny's Music is No Longer Standing :(

    Looks more like a Matt Umanov sticker to me. Also in NYC.
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    The Mandalorian - 2 episodes so far and it's pretty good. spoilers so be warned.

    Just an FYI, Verizon is offering a year trial of Disney + free for 12 months with certain plans. I was surprised that my existing Unlimited plan was eligible.
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    Our newest family member. Richard Pryor.

    Love the name. Orange cats rule. Congrats!
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    Not much in the way of Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals

    C’mon - 15 percent off MSRP on brands no one wants (some exclusions apply)!!! Blowout Sale!!!
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    New guitar setup

    A lot of people have it in their heads that setting up a guitar is some sort of highly involved process like calibrating the instruments on a nuclear submarine, It’s just not that big of a deal and you don’t need to have a “luthier” do this for you. Obviously, it requires some skill...
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    Bulletproof - Rest In Peace

    So sad... he was ever-present on MLP and kind to all. Rest easy, Bulletproof.
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    Card Scrapers?

    Cool vid, Freddy. You do a really great step-by-step walk through of so many procedures. Thanks for posting!
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    20w Is Enough

    Me too. 18 watt Fender Champ II with a Reverend 1030 speaker. Killer tones, plenty loud and tremendous portability.
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    Gibson Custom Shop CS-336 - lowered

    Love my CS336. More like a chambered Les Paul than a 339 in that the back and sides are carved out one piece of mahogany. Nice price on a great Custom Shop Gibson. GLWS!
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    Waddy Watchel signature 1960 LP

    Always love it when I hear people get the gear they really want. Congrats, man. Looks awesome!
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    OK Boomer!

    Ok Boomer
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    Rarely used R8... Poss trade... What do you think?

    Why are you thinking of doing this deal in the first place? Just for something new? If you already have a great strat in the Tokai, what do you hope to get out of the Fender? I think he makes out a bit better than you in the trade deal. I see used Am Std Strats going for $750-800 all the...
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    Gibson Deleted YouTube Videos. Mark Agnesi Fired?

    It’s a business. Pretty easy for Gibson’s social media agency to conduct research to assess if Gibson’s target audience finds the spots with Mark A relevant... or not. And if they don’t, he’s out and they’ll try something else. Online media allows you to examine data to understand...
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    New Band Names

    Justin Queeber and the Taints