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    FS: 2004 Gibson Les Paul R7 BB.

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    Someone hasn’t thought this through....

    I thought it was a rail. Ridden out of town on a rail.
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    it's cold and dark.

    I’ve got 4° with a -16° windchill. Dark also. Let’s not forget the dark.
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    The future of guitar

    They want us to take that product seriously and what do they play? "The Final Countdown." We built this city indeed.
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    John Wick Just Got BETTER!

    Shut your whore mouth!
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    Sick As A Dog

    First concert teenaged Dilemma ever attended. ‘Rocks’ tour. Fan ever since. I don’t think Joe Perry or Brad Whitford gets the props they should but that’s just me.
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    The Watch Gang: Any experience?

    It’s pretty much the only real luxury item I will allow myself.
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    The Watch Gang: Any experience?

    JAY-SUS! :eek2::eek2:
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    The Watch Gang: Any experience?

    That's a decent price. I'm not saying it's not expensive in and of itself but it's still decent. The added cost here is the crown. Seals are part of pretty much every service. I had Daytona lust for a LONG time. Over it. These days it the DateJust Ref. 116334. Oyster bracelet, fluted bezel...
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    Gwyneth Paltrow's Candle

    Is it Paltrow as in ball or Paltrow as in shall?
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    David Lee Roth Las Vegas Residency- WTF??

    <Snort> :laugh2:
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    FS: 2004 Gibson Les Paul R7 BB.

    Price drop: $2800.00
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    So what are you listening to?

    Aerosmith. Fan since forever.
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    This shouldn't need to be said, but...

    Years ago Dalmatian pups that had a patch or solid mass of black (Usually found on ears) were euthanized because this does not meet the breed standard. As a matter of fact the parent club endorsed this stupidity. That practice has ended thank goodness. Interesting side note to this; litters...