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    NGD Murphy Lab Dirty Lemon R9 light aged

    Very nice top!!!
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    Hey all. Have a question about an R8 that got slightly damaged in shipping

    It was late last night mixed my words. Of course it's the sellers responsibility.
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    Hey all. Have a question about an R8 that got slightly damaged in shipping

    I would seek refund from seller for the damage. Its ultimately his/her responsibility to pack guitar and ship. I would assist the buyer if they needed assistance with the claim but I would not personally be filing the claim. IMO that is the sellers responsibility
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    LP Jr. Billy Joe Armstrong on Reverb, scammed for the first time... Is it even legit?

    Horrible description from seller. Hopefully you can get a refund
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    Gibson or another Epiphone?

    I don't care for imports. Why settle life is short.
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    Help! What is the right price for this 1981 Custom?

    Good luck trying to find a custom for 2K in today's market Not impossible but you really have to search for opportunity.
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    NGD Les Paul Custom Lite

    Yah it's in great shape. I got it a couple years ago from a strat player and this guitar didn't see much play time.
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    NGD: 2017 Custom Shop Modern LP Standard

    Very nice looking LP Congratulations
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    NGD Les Paul Custom Lite

    My 88 has the original HB R and HB L pickups
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    Gibson wiring

    Hey thank you I have never seen the center lug connection thats normally attached to the center of the metal control plate used without the metal plate and soldered to the top of a pot. I appreciate it.
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    Gibson wiring

    I dont think you looked at the photo I posted correctly. I know how Gibson wired guitars before the control plate Just like in your photo they were not using a ground connection soldered to the top of the pot, that is why I asked if anybody has seen a factory stock guitar wired like this.
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    Gibson wiring

    The wiring works fine. I have never seen the ground lug soldered onto a pot before. Normally the lug is attached to a control plate.
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    NGD: 2018 Classic Les Paul Pelham Blue

    Very Cool!!!

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