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    Hello? Any old members around?

    There’s a blast from the past
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    Pensacola Shooter

    Already is with RBG
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    Pensacola Shooter

    Climate change?
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    Pensacola Shooter

    White guy shoots up a place, white people are to blame. Islamic terrorist shoots up a place, why don’t we have more gun control? this is the mental illness that is about 40% of our population.
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    Pensacola Shooter

    His motive may never be known
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    What's Your MLP Trigger?

    I prefer to be the trigger
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    Peloton’s viral ad captures a ‘116 lb woman’s YEARLONG fitness journey to becoming a 112 lb woman’ is bullshit? Next you’ll tell me that women in real life don’t actually want you to ejaculate on their faces. =\
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    A confession

    How dare you
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    Give the bastards an inch

    Guys guys, no one is trying to take your guns. Stop being so paranoid.
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    My apologies ...

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    New Sub - Forum Needed

    Always a peach
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    London bridge on lockdown

    attending a rehabilitation conference no less. just part and parcel , amirite?
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    Note to self, never do comedy in Canada

    :facepalm: “Two of three judges ruled Mike Ward’s comments regarding Gabriel were not justifiable in a society where freedom of expression is valued.” yep, blackface is cool but telling jokes is bad.
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    Sippin' some bourbon

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    London bridge on lockdown