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    White they people so racist

    Please use this helpful chart.
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    Share your feel-good stories here

    I banged your mom. She felt pretty good
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    Understanding Victimhood Culture...

    Victim culture is childishness and irresponsibility mixed with laziness. You cease to be a victim when you own up for your station in life and actively strive to improve it.
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    Parental affair - to confront or not to confront, that is the ?

    Have you considered posting on a drummers forum? They will have infinitely more experience with this sort of bullshit
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    A Gentler Form of Genocide
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    Now China is making fake gold.

    I take offense at you make unsubstantiated allegations against China. Is this really allowed on this forum?
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    Try Busting This Myth

    Ancient Aliens is racist. Attributing to aliens what were built by African slaves is a real cause of butthurt in the bowels of Twitter
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    A Gentler Form of Genocide

    ITT some people actually white knight for oppressive communist regimes. Good lord.
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    BadMojo Makeovers no contact

    As long as you get your stuff back or an equivalent replacement in 7 years, everything will be fine. That’s the MLP way. Even when the guy who has your stuff posts pictures of his vacations and stuff in the meantime While claiming he doesn’t have any money.
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    2020 Realization

    2020, the new 1854
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    They messed with my butter

    Land of Lakes trademark was drawn by a Native American in the 50s. thank goodness we have white people to tell minorities what’s racist/bigoted. What would minorities do without helpful white people to take care of them?! who’s the racist again?
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    NFL Covid Helmets...

    Lol nfl
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    So they want to rename Columbus, Ohio to Flavortown

    Rename Yale! And New York! And Washington DC and state!
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    Justice Served or “Criminal Investigations in the 21st Century”

    Feminism and Marxism does that to you. Look at Mayor de Blasios daughter before and after pics
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    Justice Served or “Criminal Investigations in the 21st Century”

    If you think the Boston tea party is anything similar to these rioters, you’re either completely ignorant, being obtuse or have an iq below room temperature. I know where my bet lies.

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