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    Banned without reason or notice.

    Banned without reason or notice.
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    PRS Silver Sky SE Released

    Another Asian made strat? And there was much rejoicing.
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    For those who play Explorers and Les Pauls.....

    The explorer is huge. I mostly use mine as a coffee table.
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    The Nuge…. I love this guy.

    does Nuge still love poaching and adopting underage girls too young to marry?
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    Which genre best categorizes this song?

    I have no idea what this means.
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    What are the good years for an R8?

    2022. Any R8 from any other year is inferior trash. Now call Curt at HOG.
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    Are the reissues getting closer to boutique & vintage?

    Just wait until you experience the upgraded plastics!
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    PSA: 70th Anniversary Esquire Sale at MF

    Log in and add to the cart for a $600 discount. Esquire sale
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    Help Identify this Gibson Les Paul Standard Please

    Clearly says standard
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    Advice on new guitar purchase

    2013. Wonder if op made a decision?
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    Are the reissues getting closer to boutique & vintage?

    Everyone! Call Kurt at HOG tomorrow morning! Only degenerates and poors play non 2022 Les Pauls!
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    Are the reissues getting closer to boutique & vintage?

    Now that’s it officially 2022, time to unload those tone turd 2021s!
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    Flying V purchase thoughts? Gibson, Epiphone

    I don’t keep up with the specs of guitars but I see the new Vs have BB2/3 pickups with covers. Those will be a vast improvement over my 2017 which originally had uncovered Dirty Fingers. Would have saved me some money.
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    A good old fashioned "Fuck 'em All" thread...

    I remember when I thought swearing like Joe Pesci was cool. In fifth grade. Anyone remember when Alex was allegedly trying to get a MLP app on the Apple store or something so the mods were cleaning the place up to make it more kid friendly? Guess that fell through? :rofl:
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    "Freest State"

    What’s going on in this thre….. Nope nope nope

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