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    Have you considered black top hat knobs with gold inserts? That might just work with that top. Also consider burstbucker 2/3 combo or a TTop bridge and burstbucker 1 neck.
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    My 60's Standard Has Returned

    I keep whatever nut is installed unless I can’t make it work for me. Then it’s Bone. Bone is an excellent choice. You’re right it’s absolutely an improvement
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    Burstbucker Pro is awful!

    Magnet swap. Put in alnico II magnets. Bam! Now you have Burstbucker 3.
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    Us lefties don't get to get these too often

    I have found Gibson catered to lefties in 2013, 2017-2020 pretty nicely. The 2017-8 models can be had in lefty or righty in almost every lineup including Explorers and Flying Vs. Prior to that I think lefties were much more of a limited run for a week or two at the factory.
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    Mojo overdose. My battered 92

    You know the original pic is real. Just look at that CRT and white box computer in the background!
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    Newbe with question about pups.

    Turn your guitar tone knobs down to 5. Try it. It’s the cheapest mod you’re ever going to have. I recommend Vineham 6070s. They are Gibson T Top clones which would be the pickups Used in the 70s.I have personally used those pick ups through an Origin 20 amp and they sound amazing
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    NGD: 2013 Gibson LPJ Pro

    I think the Pro versions were GC/MF special runs of the LPJ model. Much nicer with proper pickup covers. And someone posted above, the maple necks are the secret weapon. Didn’t realize how much I liked the maple necks until I didn’t have one. Just picked up a 2013 LPJ for $500 because of the...
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    Why don't LPJ 2013 pickups have the Gibson USA symbol? (490R 498T)

    I just pulled a set from a 2013 LPJ and they only had the Gibson USA stamped onto the metal backing plate. No stickers or date tags. No model info. I measured the output and i’m confident they are the 498/490 combo. I’ve seen SGJ come with stickers on the pickups but the two or three I went...
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    Neck Pickup Epiphany

    I don’t measure mine. I just start it low and adjust by ear from there. They are usually just above or even with the pickup ring which works well for my amp and setup.
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    Question on new case and pickups for my The Paul

    If you want to keep your Gibson all Gibson, a 490 with an alnico 5 magnet is the ticket to T-Top heaven.
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    Question on new case and pickups for my The Paul

    +1 on the Vineham!! The 6070 is a fantastic T-Top clone. I went with the c6070 for my SG since ‘classic’ T-Tops were the same neck and bridge. He makes a bridge specific model 6070 that’s a touch hotter and works amazing. Craig is a nice guy. He takes about a week to wind and ship his pickups...
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    NGD: 2014 Traditional Honeyburst

    If you want the 59 tribute humbuckers get a pair of Gibson 61’s and swap in Alnico II magnets. That is what the Tribute 59 humbucker are.
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    Hard to Get a New Standard '60s Unburst With a Nice Top

    Sweet water takes pics of their actual guitars they sell. Typical of them they have 5-8 pics and it really shows the flame top details well.
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    So ...what happens with Richlite Customs now?

    Does Richlite require any kind of conditioning like Rosewood? I have a baked maple SG neck and I was told that the fretboard doesn’t need anything like Dunlop oil. Is that true for Richlite? If Richlite doesn’t require any kind of maintenance other than cleaning I’d see it as an advantage.

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