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    In memory

    My sincere condolences.
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    Phaser recommendations.

    The handheld model is much easier to carry.... The one in the Enterprise is much more effective though....
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    The Harry Partridge Appreciation Thread

    I thought he drove the bus....
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    Teen Members

    I'd have thought you were older, too, 20 or so....:naughty:
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    Today's debacle

    I'd vote for it....
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    Epi LP touch up paint ?

    Try one of these....
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    Why are people obsessed with tats and piercings?

    Yes, because you are taking a rather immature approach to your 'figuring out'. You are being confrontational. You will never be able to 'figure it out'. You can't 'dare' someone to like or accept your tattoos if you in fact actually have them. They either will accept them or they won't. It...
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    Regarding Flick's upcoming visit with Henry J...

    I think that there should be a bound, carved-top, glossy-finished Les Paul model, without green inlays, available for well under $2000 dollars, preferably under $1500.
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    Why are people obsessed with tats and piercings?

    What you think and what a potential employer think are obviously different. The only answer you will ever get regarding tattoos in the job market will be "We've decided to hire someone else." Wise up and grow up.
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    A death in the family....

    We now have Cousin Wayne here with us. He's in a little box about the size of a shoe box, in a plain old Ziploc bag. He now weighs about 8 pounds. It's surprising how little space our bodies take up when reduced to the elemental parts.
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    Grandma died this afternoon.

    Sorry to hear it....
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    Is this real?

    So, you've already committed to buying it, or you have in fact bought it, otherwise wouldn't you say, "I would be changing those right away"? Why ask about it's 'legitimacy' after the fact, John? It's too late now.
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    Is this real?

    There ya go....:cool:
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    Is this real?

    'Getting'....'got''s all just semantics, Johnny, or don't they teach that word in Bellmore Junior High? I find it interesting that you always claim I am 'picking on' you, but you always start the profanity and name-calling.:hmm:
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    Why are people obsessed with tats and piercings?

    I have none of either tats or piercings, as I am proud of my 'uniqueness' as God made me, ugly or otherwise!