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    Yngwie Playing a '59 LP, Even Says "Nice Guitar!"

    Good point, otherwise the low output of a single coil could be more sensitive to the touch...
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    Yngwie Playing a '59 LP, Even Says "Nice Guitar!"

    “The dude can sure play”... no words, that man IS the Maestro.
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    Which Gibson to give Away?

    I’m sorry man, a hard battle around, stay strong and keep all your weapons with you, we’ll stay beside you
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    Gibson USA Flametop Friday!

    I prefer the dark look of the black plastics
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    Ok I’m officially grounding myself from guitar shopping . Another NGD/incoming

    Yeah man congrats, that beauty scream ”ACE” to me :dude:
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    Who also plays bass?

    I do, and I love my cheap Squier Bronco, very funny
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    Clean & polish a vintage or let it be?

    Clean that guitar up, I hate “sticky fingers” when I play, from someone else stuff :drool:
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    Plain top, no pick guard

    This is mine
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    NGD - Heritage Cherry Sunburst Classic Les Paul

    Congrats, well done, I’m addicted to my Classic
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    For The Love of Flame...

    Thanks, I agree it’s better in presence
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    HNGD. . . sort of.

    :shock: Unbelievable
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    What's The Best Sounding Les Paul You Played?

    1st was a 1980 black Custom - SOLD 2nd was a 2003 Iced Tea Standard - SOLD 3rd was a 2010 tobacco Burst Standard, really good, - SOLD 4th is my 2019 honeyburst Classic, and this one is my goal!
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    Fake Gibsons Seized

    There’s an Ace Budokan, can I have it?

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