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    Any Motorcycle Riders?

    A few pics from my road trip to Mammoth Lakes for Oktoberfest with my two best buds. They came from the Bay Area so we met up in Groveland and rode through Yosemite valley.... Did some drinking, eating, shooting.... Met up with my other buddy Dave, who has an A frame cabin in Mammoth Lakes...
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    Gibson Explorer best years

    Interesting. What's relatively tall? I'm 5'11", Not tall but taller than average. The only thing I didn't like about the Explorer and the Dean ML is it seemed too large and slightly cumbersome compared to most guitars.
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    At what point is an offer a “low ball”

    No matter what price you list, someone will lowball. Hence the inflated prices everywhere. It's the nature of the beast.
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    Interesting! The Gibson Mod Collection

    Yea, I made it about 20 seconds and had enough. How old is she? Clearly not old enough to have an informed opinion. That said, to each his or her own. Be who you are and play what you like.
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    Gibson Explorer best years

    Anybody like the Explorer Pro? I believe it has a slightly smaller body than the normal Explorer.
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    Gibson MOD Collection

    Yea, me too. Gone before I even saw the email.
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    Capt Kirk > everyone else

    Yea, I saw her in an interview once and she gave me that impression. Definite would.
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    New Here!

    ….who's gonna play lead?
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    New Here!

    shit, bring back Boles, Sentry, Diceman, Cookieboy, Joey Dego….. ...and Joe Bonermaster.
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    RIP Norm McDonald

    Been a fan since his SNL days. Very sad news. RIP.
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    New Here!

    Were getting the band back together.
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    2008 Gibson SG Faded Cherry

    You got a helluva deal, prices on those things have gone through the roof. Rightfully so, it's a fantastic guitar. Congrats.
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    2008 Gibson SG Faded Cherry

    That's all correct. I bought one new in '02 for $479. It had the Crescent Mood inlays. I loved it, never should have sold it.
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    Capt Kirk > everyone else

    I used to have a life size Capt. Kirk Cardboard cut out in my apt. It got destroyed because girls were always dry humping it and spilling beer all over it.

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