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    No One Swings Like The King

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    Tell Me About P-90s

    I really like the Wolfetone P90's. I have a "Mean" & "Meanest" set in my '67 SG jr. I like them so much I bought another "Meanest" for my ES-135.
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    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)
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    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    A couple weeks ago an old friend of mine invited myself and another old friend to play hookey and check out the private range where he works. The range was closed so we had the place to ourselves. He let us shoot a few from his collection..... Ammo was free too. We ended the day with...
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    spark amp

    That was interesting. I like the features, ease of use, and it sounded good to my years. I'm a "non app savy" 'droid user myself, and it looked simple. Definitely want to learn more. Don't like that it was made in China. I'm about done with anything from that country.
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    Things you miss...

    Same here, buddy. Miss my pops more than anything.
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    The Beastie Boys Story (Movie)

    Kerry King solo! MCA was the best.
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    Vineham vs. Wolftone PAF?

    Wolfetones have worked for me, I tend to stick with what's proven. Never tried Vinehams, no comment on those.
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    Delay. Do you like digital or analog?

    Both! I've been using a Guyatone MD-3 on my main rig forever. It added delay and nothing else. Then I tried a Carbon Copy on my 2nd rig and loved it. But when I tried to switch them, I didn't like it.
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    Things you miss...

    Miss my best bud, Chuy.
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    Tyler Mahoney : HOT

    meh. I'd slam the ham, but probably won't call again..... unless she's freaky.
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    Things you miss...

    My Mustangs....
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