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    i wonder where she scores on the crazy/hot scale

    She's married to Borat.
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    Soldano Hot Rod 100+ Snakeskin 1992

    That is so f*cking cool. GLWS.
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    Alex Lifeson Talks About Rory Gallagher

    Rory just never gets the respect he deserves. IMHO light years better than Clapton.
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    Any Motorcycle Riders?

    I'd race that thing.
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    NGD!!! 2019 LP Custom for Breakfast

    That's beautiful. Looks perfect. Congratulations!
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    Life is Good.

    Have great weekend ladies and gentlemen. Cheers!
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    Any Motorcycle Riders?

    1st time?
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    Was I Missed ?

    Somebody got banned.....hard. I forogt who, good meltdown. Quality entertainment.
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    how have your tastes changed since you joined...

    I was never really even into Les Pauls...I liked Charvels and Jacksons with Floyds. I did like the Explorer though...then a friend loaned me his '84 LP Standard with EMG's...totally shocked me. I immediately ordered a brand new 2000 Les Paul Standard Raw Power. Still the best sounding guitar I...
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    how have your tastes changed since you joined...

    I was just thinking about how MLP has completely influenced my rig. I had a Mesa Heartbreaker combo 100/60w, 6L6 and EL34 at the same time. I had a Power Soak for a while but finally downsized to smaller amp heads with a cab. Went through a Krank Rev jr. mini stack, a couple Phaez amps and now...
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    which guitar to buy

    pics would help us decide.
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    Rock And Other Performer Images

    That's not Sonny Barger.
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    why a pedal can never actually sound like a plexi. AC/DC @ CBGB

    I saw them in 1988 and again in 1990.
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    I’m on cloud nine.

    Thanks for your service, Scott.
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    Happy Birthday, Harmony!

    Happy Birthday, Harmony!