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    Virus Conspiracy Thread (and interesting 1918 influenza links)

    In my early 20's I the read the San Jose Mercury daily, every page, front to back. Watched all the local and National news as well. At some point I just came to realize it was all bullshit and lies. I couldn't read or watch any of it anymore. And someone made the point that certain articles do...
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    Joyo JTA05 Champ clone

    Freakin' cool. My 1st real amp was a black face champ. Wish I still had it. Joyo makes some good stuff. I have one of their 20w Bantamp ZoMBie heads. It's amazing. Congrats and enjoy!
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    spark amp

    I'm interested for sure. But I'll wait to see what people say after they have them.
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    Virus Conspiracy Thread (and interesting 1918 influenza links)

    I could not agree more. Think for yourself and question everything. And when I say that, I don't mean watch a program or read an article and then draw conclusions based on what they told you. Were all the facts given? What was left out? Were they telling the truth? We really only know what...
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    spark amp

    I had a GK 250ML combo and and GK 250RL head. Both were 100w stereo.
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    Cleaning up the mud on a 490R

    Pics! What model RR V is it? Floyd?
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    Incoming Phaez Daisycutter NAD

    Could not turn it off last night. Pairs really well with my P90 SG Jr, and that was exactly what I was hoping for. Some delay in the loop is all I need with this one. Sometimes I'll turn on the Tube Screamer in front for a boost with the P90 guitar. With the high output humbucker guitars, I just...
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    Try not to laugh, I triple dog dare you.

    Damn near everyone in the video is laughing. No one wants to admit they think it's funny, but it is.
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    Incoming Phaez Daisycutter NAD

    Alright it's here. It rips, it's fucking loud as fuck for 8 watts......holy shit. Sounds amazing. Gain is off the hook. Sorry for the crap pic.... I love these amps.....I'm not gonna get any sleep tonight.
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    Red flag! Red flag!
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    What is your next target? (guitars only)

    Funny, that Charvel model 3 was the only guitar I ever gigged with. Well played live with anyway....
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    Rick Beato

    I really like his "what makes this song great" series. Always entertaining.
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    What is your next target? (guitars only)

    The 1st model series came out in '86 and the "toothpaste" style logo didn't come out until 1990. I bought an '86 model 3 brand new in 1987.
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    What is your next target? (guitars only)

    Do it. I bought a '67 SG Jr. (my birth year). It's an investment.

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