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    How many custom silverburst were produced?

    Nice silvers. However many they made they are way too expensive now haha. I should’ve picked one up when I was able.
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    1979 Standard One Piece Top

    I love it! Always nice to have some provenance.
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    Just finished a guitar using the '59 Les Paul plans posted here

    Nice build! The finish looks amazing. Great work.
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    Wildwood Tom Murphy Painted Worth the Upcharge?

    resale on a Murphy painted will be higher too. Something to consider. Go with what you truly want in your gut. I don’t think the non Murphy will be that much different tone and feel wise.
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    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Sucks about this. I feel like aging a guitar right is an artistic process. It doesn’t really work when you try and crank them out at scale. The reason why the old Muphys and Dave Johnson guitars are so valuable is because of the attention to detail. Good luck to anyone who has a defective...
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    High end Replica vs Vintage

    The originals were a snap shot in time. They had the special sauce and they were the first of their kind. It’s like trying to replicate a recipe from a grandma. You need her hands and her tools to make it the same way. I think with real PAFs a replica can get there for sure. It’s going...
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    NGD: 2021 R9 - Green Lemon

    That’s is a stunner. Great taste all around on that piece. Rock it in good health!
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    YouTube Video About My 79 Les Paul Standard

    thanks for sharing. Your guitar sounds great! I love norlins too. I dig the tones from the 900 the best out of the amps in the video.
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    NGD: Les Paul Pro Deluxe 1980

    That looks killer! Great condition. Congrats!
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    The Welland House

    Damn that’s terrible. Sorry to hear about that.
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    I got a problem

    love customs! Here’s my recently acquired ‘73 which I bonded instantly with. I had a 2007 before which was nice but this one just clicked with me. It’s a keeper! Lots of great guitars here!
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    Our new jam space!

    I hope you’re rocking some Pink Floyd in a space like that!
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    Songs that don't sound like they'd be hard to play

    Those little nuances in the playing are what gives the artist on those songs they’re unique style. It’s on thing to learn the proper way to play a song it’s another to actually replicate the style of who originally wrote it! Cool examples in this thread.
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    INCOMING • 2014 Custom Shop Les Paul Custom

    Ain’t nothing wrong with a nice custom! Enjoy!

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