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    Pics Of Rig

    thats what Im using
  2. My geetars

    My geetars

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    Pics Of Rig

    Hey I just though it'd be cool for people to post pics of their rigs. I am always interested in what people are using for their TONE!
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    Poll:50's or modern wiring?

    I love 50's wiring with a spin n split wired to bridge pickup sounds great!
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    Help me figure out why the bridge pickup won't work... Sorta.

    when mine did this the toggle switch was the proplem
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    sorry i have to take it off the market my cat knocked it out of the stand happened 2 weeks ago sorry for the late reply but I've been going through a lot right now
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    I need to sell my :slash: Slash Goldtop Gibson USA standard. Unfortunately I lost my job and still have bills I will post pics tomorrow. Im asking 2200 buyer pays shipping.
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    WTB: Slash GoldTop LP

    i have one that i need to sell due to bills
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    WTB: Gibson Slash Les Paul Goldtop:Willing to Sacrifice Firstborn.

    if you want one i have one that i sadly have to sell
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    Different colored inlays

    what is that ^^
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    FS 74 Les Paul Custom!

    Sold!!! Thanks for all pms!
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    FS 74 Les Paul Custom!

  13. deathover

    2004 Les Paul Classic

    open to trades?
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    Looking for : Norlin lp custom (heavy !!!)

    one for sale here!

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