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    FOUND: Fractal AX8

    I am looking for an FX8 - as long as its a MkII ?
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    NGD 06 Triburst 68 Custom

    Nice! - I'd love to get one of these Tri-Bursts - but with the fat neck.:fingersx:
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    Tri-color burst '68 RI Les Paul Custom FS

    Is this the big neck version - or the Guitar Center one with the 60's slim taper??
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    Mark Knopfler's '58

    £8999 !
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    Mark Knopfler's '58

    I'm waiting for my Aged and Signed here in the UK!! What's the bet that Gibson shipped them all back Stateside when they were signed - and I now have to wait for it to be shipped back to the UK again....via the European will have covered some miles by the time I see it!
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    How have your RI's aged over the past 10 years or more?

    I had a VOS R7 Goldtop - I tried to age by leaving it by the fire and then taking it outside into sub-zero temperatures....and vice-versa. It didn't budge an inch - not even one small crack in the "nitro"
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    NGD: 2006 '68 LPC Reissue in Triburst + some thoughts

    I'd love one with a nice fatter neck and a good top on it. I would pay a good price for one like that!
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    Paul Kossoff aged: what about the neck feel?

    Exactly! I find I can play my Aged CC#1's and Kossoff with fewer visual references to the fretboard than my other guitars. Personally LOVE the feel!
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    NGD:Knopfler '58 VOS

    Has anyone heard when the Aged and Signed ones are actually shipping?
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    NGD:Knopfler '58 VOS

    Yeah - the Gibson spec sheet confirms that the VOS and "Aged" are both "Standard Historic" spec.....whereas the "Signed and Aged" is "True Historic" spec. I have an Aged and Signed on order!
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    Custom Shop Twitter

    I love the iguana's - but this one is my favourite - where did it end up?? (and why do they insist on using richlite on some of these gorgeous creations?)
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    Ace Frehley "59 vs Jimmy Page Custom sig

    In that case its a no brainer - go for the Ace. The neck on the #1 is so thin that it bends out of tune with aggressive playing.....I know this....
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    Ace Frehley "59 vs Jimmy Page Custom sig

    The Ace very time. The JP has a stupidly skinny neck and that awkward middle pick up....
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    Played a True Historic today....

    The thing I find most disappointing about the aesthetics of all the 'regular" TH models I have played/seen is the incredibly pale Rosewood on all of them - very pale with wide colour variation and banding - some of it almost looks like Pau Ferro ? Not exactly 'true historic" is it?

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