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    what's wrong with Marshall MG amps

    I love an MG100HDFX head plugged into my 1960AV cab. I get awesome tone with it. I don't care what anyone says. Actually... I think the prices for used MG100HDFX heads are going up on ebay.. they used to be $150-200 .. last I looked, they're going for $300-350
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    Video About How to Solder

    I think it helps to have a nice soldering station like a Hakko FX888-D or a Weller WESD-51 ... and a nice chisel tip on your iron. The chisel tip transfers heat much better than a conical tip. Also I really like the brass mesh tip cleaners.. I seem to get much better results with that than a...
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    no offense, but why can't Gibson make a good pickup?

    Well... no matter now... cause I just ordered a set of Seth Lovers and I'm gonna put em in my Gibson LP Standard (which currently has the stock BB PROS) ... so I shall soon find out :D
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    no offense, but why can't Gibson make a good pickup?

    So... are Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers better than Burstbucker Pros?
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    335 Electronics Installation (a.k.a. How to take years off your life)

    I did one of my Epi DOTs a few weeks ago. Complete replacement of pickups, wiring, pots, switch and output jack. I'd never done a semi hollow before.. but I wanted to experience it... and I want to do it again several more times to get better and better at it!! I'll post some pics...
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    Peavey amp players: What ya got?

    Two Classic 30s... both with Celestion Vintage 30s. One Classic 50 4x10 with Celestion G10 Vintage speakers. One Classic 30 head. One teal stripe early 90s Peavey Bandit which sounds amazing!
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    Bugera Blowout

    So tempted to get the BC-30 2×12 combo.. bUT I totally don't need any amps.
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    Too many USA models

    There are almost as many models variations as there are things to bitch about.
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    JCM 800 for the uninitiated

    I have no problems making mine sound great at low volume.
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    JCM 800 for the uninitiated

    The JCM 800 I have actually has a volume knob on it ... so that solves the problem of it being "too loud".
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    Absolutely beautiful!!! Congrats!
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    Strat Family pic

    oooh when I cropped the original pic it looks a lot better:
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    Strat Family pic

    Thanks :) The blue one is an MIM Lake Placid Blue and I installed Fender Fat 50s pickups in it. The black one is also an MIM and I installed a black guard to make it look like David Gilmour's and I also installed Fender Tex Mex pickups. I want to post some sound clips soon...
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    Strat Family pic

    Just for the fun of it. ... Been really getting into my Strats lately and felt like sharing :) My Spiderman guitar is a Dimarzio body and neck with a Kahler tremolo system on it. It used to have Fender Lace Sensors in it but I recently installed Fender Fat 50s pickups in it and...
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    NGD and NAD - Fender galore!

    I LOVE this pic!! The shiny Strat and Tele with that beautiful DRRI. Looks as beautiful as the crystal clear clean tone they produce! :) Loved your clip as well. Sounded GREAT! :cool:

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