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    Why New Bands Don't Play Gibson Guitars

    They could, but you also have the studio, and junior which are more affordable.
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    acoustics,,solid back/sides vs.laminate.

    You might find a used 15 or 16 series Martin for around $600.
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    New Martin Day

    Very nice guitar. Congrats!
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    Wanna buy an acoustic. Opinions?

    On the foreign made instraments you do have to worry more about the craftsmanship. Both of those guitars were foreign one made in Mexico, one I believe made in China. The Blueridge does give you real woods though.
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    NGD: Martin HD-35

    Congrats on the Martin!
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    NGD - Martin HD-28

    Congrats on the new guitar!
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    Taking a break from electric

    Those are very nice.
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    Mew Martin Day II

    Congrats on the D35!
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    NGD: Martin DC-15E

    Congrats on the new Martin!
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    Not Sure what acoustic

    If I am not mistaken Blue Ridge is Chinese made and Martin is made in the USA. I own 2 Martins myself and I will take my made in the USA over foreign made any day of the week. You don't need to spend to $2000 to get a good Martin.
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    Not Sure what acoustic

    I would go used and see what you can find. I do highly recomend Martins. I do own a couple of them one is an OMC-1E and the other is an MMV. The MMV is a GC exclusive it's built similarly to a D28. The main differance is the bracing. It uses A frame bracing which is found on the 15 series...
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    New Martin Day

    Congrats on the Martin D28. Martin makes fantastic guitars, I own 2 Martins myself.
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    Acoustic tone question...

    My guess would be Martin. I think it's a guitar with Rosewood for back and sides and Sitka Spruce for a top.
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    NGW (new guitar week) A couple of Martin 000's

    Congrats on the new guitars. I have 2 Martins myself and love them. Mine are the MMV the dreadnaght not the 000, and OMC-1E. IMO the MMV's are Martins best kept secret.
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    New Acoustic Day!

    Congrats on the new Martin. I own 2 Martins and love them. BTW which LR Baggs pickup is it. There are versions of the M1 pickup one is called the M1A which is an active pickup and also there is a passive version of the pickup. I have the M1A installed in my Martin MMV. With the active pickup you...

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