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    The September Issue of "Crap Women Don't Do"

    I mean the grenade thing was way cool
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    Demi Lovato has made contact with the Aliens

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    jokes & funnies.

    you and that common sense stuff...............
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    Never watch golf unless I need a nap

    Except for the Ryder Cup. I have gotten to where I kinda look forward to that competition. This year should be fun if you like the sport.
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    I got too much shit

    LOL this is what I thought about when I read the first post
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    Nice knowing y'all....

    You fucked Jake's momma?
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    Demi Lovato has made contact with the Aliens

    She looks like a boy
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    Amanda Knox was on Rogans podcast

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    Got a Gretsch

    Sweet deal on a very cool guitar. Enjoy!!
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    Windows 11

    After several years of using a Linux based PC I bought a new laptop with Windows 10. My plan was to move it to Ubuntu Linux which I like very much but the Windows 10 has grown on me.
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    NGD: 2021 Standard 50s in Iced Tea Burst

    That's a fine looking guitar!!
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    Florida woman ... again ....

    No free rides huh.....
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    How else do you get free toilet paper?

    I'm retired. One less thing for me to not be scared of
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    Building A Guitar Out Of The Woodstock Stage

    Good wood era

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