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    Play stoopid games …

    On the other hand it wasn't used much
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    Oh FFS!

    This thread just got fucked up
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    What about now?
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    Still think he looks gay
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    Oh FFS!

    So we gonna get to see some cartoon girl on girl?
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    Take the shot Carter! Carter! Take the shot!

    It shows Jk
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    Succession: Game of Thrones Without White Walkers or Boobies.

    Whoa you mean there's tits in GOT??
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    What will the next Bonnamassa model be? A 335…

    Doing some work especially frets on an Epi is expected
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    Play stoopid games …

    Fuck a handstand
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    Those Brits spell everything different
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    Did You Know That Today is National Get Funky Day?

    Nothin more fun than catching a cool groove
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    Play stoopid games …

    Darwin 1 Stupid 0
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    Nailed It on Netflix

    Have to check this out
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    Alec Baldwin's "Rust" film production given maximum state fine for negligence

    This^^ about covers it all

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