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    Current 2nd Hand Les Paul pricing...Too High?

    I would answer to the OP that used guitars are worh what someone will pay for them. New guitars are largely regulated by MAP and MSRP, but used is a free open market--they only sell if someone pays the price. I really do not forsee a scenario where used prices do not fall markedly over then...
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    Billie Joe Armstrong Renounces US Citizenship.

    I volunteer to help him pack.
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    Current (2022) PAF prices

    I have always found it interesting that in PAFs, short magnets are less desirable but in the case of T top pickups (which have short magnets) they are more desirable.
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    The acoustic guitar thread

    My 2010 Gibson Keb Mo Bluesmaster
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    $800 Les Paul Classic Facebook Marketplace Find

    Hard to lose on that deal
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    Anyone else play their Teles more than their Les Pauls?

    Nothing wrong with a good tele. I have one in my toolbox. Prefer my LPs most of the time. I will say it is easier to make a Tele sound like a LP (fat) than it is to make a LP sound thin like a Tele.
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    If I remove humbucker covers...

    Discounting cosmetics, removing the pickup covers shifts the relative distance of the magnets down a little bit. If you want to remove them and achieve the same sound, simply raise the pickups or the pole pieces to equal the height of the covers. That is the same thing as calling them...
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    Gibson Color Codes: LB = Light Burst or Lemon Burst?

    I think it is entirely possible to show 3 guitars--one light burst, one Lemon burst, and one honey burst that are all essentially exactly the same. Further I see many guitars listed as one or the other when that color did not even exist in the catalog or online that year. Add to the fact that...
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    M2M Limits?

    I am not bashing it, just pointing out that you cannot go in there and get ANYTHING you want. There are limits. I am not that particular about some things (very particular about others) and most of what I am looking for is alreay available on CS models with little need for an M2M (I like a...
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    M2M Limits?

    I was told 18 months at the Gibson Garage fairly recently (maybe 4 weeks ago). Also as far as the configuration I was told that I could mix and match historic LP specs from R7-R0 but that was about it. They said nearly any paint job could be done, but as far as things like necks and tuners and...
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    New Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow P-90s 2022 QC issues

    Sounds like a good choice. I have not played one but they get good reviews. I did get to meet Jared James Nichols and he was a nice guy.
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    What is this worth

    I sound more lile Kris Kristofferson when he first wakes up in the morning before clearing his throat. With a Southern Accent as a native Nashvillian. Trogley sounds like he has an Iowa accent. Odd since he is from Ohio. Ohio does not usually sound like Iowa.
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    New Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow P-90s 2022 QC issues

    That seems like a pretty fair price to get one in Bahrain. I was anticipating you would say more like 2k€
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    What is this worth

    I understand what you are saying and do not disagree. He is certainly not James Earl Jones, narrating National Geographic specials or being the voice of cartoons! But I think he is an interesting case study of a guy making it with little to go on. He is just a dude, who likes guitars, making...
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    What is this worth

    Trogley is a good guy. He has 250k followers and routinely gets 50k-100k views per day. I can only imagine how many questions, messages, and emails he gets! I don't blame him for charging a small sum for his expertise. $5 is not exactly an extravagant amount. More of a way to keep probably...

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