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    Headstock repaired pricing

    Some people reject any detail of a LP if it was not stock in 1959. I am not saying that is wrong, just that is the reason for "Blueberry Burst Hate". I say if you want a Blue Les Paul, buy a Blue Les Paul. If you want a wider fretboard on your Les Paul (because you have giant...
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    Why do I hate strats? And do I need therapy?

    Much easier to make a Tele or strat sound like a LP than it is to make a LP sound like a Fender. Some famous songs (like "Let it Be" by the Beetles) I would SWEAR is a LP. Nope, (allegedly) Rosewood Tele. Without today's videos and record keeping it is hard to be 100% sure. I think it is...
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    Who owns George Harrison's Lucy these days?

    I believed it is still owned by the Harrison estate.
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    Dye to change color of pickups

    TY @rockstar232007. Moving past dye thanks to you and @EdmundGTP
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    Dye to change color of pickups

    ...of course if I bought orange Cerakote, I could use it on various other things.....
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    Dye to change color of pickups

    Cerakoting is CERTAINLY in my wheelhouse (now we are talking!) but likely more effort and financial outlay that I was thinking. Appreciate the personal experience and Ill likely just can the thought based on your response and history. Certainly there would be more uptake with longer soaking...
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    Dye to change color of pickups

    The plastics clearly take up some dye....they suck stain from the guitars all the time on the binding and on the pickup covers. and that is not paint overspray, it does not scrape off. In addition, if it works, I MAY try to stain the bobbins on the pickups. Get a double white and try to turn...
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    Dye to change color of pickups

    @EdmundGTP--that is really my question. Has anyone actually tried it. So far I have not found anyone who has. Several saying it may or may not work but no one that has done it. I do not know HOW dye receptive nor can I find anyone who has done more than a touch of brown and a touch of yellow...
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    Dye to change color of pickups

    @Who thanks for the tip on the Strat forums. I had not thought of that. Just looked at my usual LP forums. Makes sense that more people would try that with Strats.
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    Dye to change color of pickups

    My intention here is NOT necessarily to get it perfect on the very first try but to get some potential tips to start with so i am starting a little bit down the road and not at zero. Not really due to cost but time since it will likely take me days between "screw ups" to get it right Again, I...
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    Dye to change color of pickups

    I tried searching for this and only found a few references to aging. I have an epiphone (nothing historic and not trying to be) and I am interested in exploring dyeing the pickup rings and plastics. In my other life I am a shooter and shooters dye plastics all the time (grips and lowers) and...
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    Gibson LP with Dual Action Truss Rod

    I was watching Trogley the other day and noticed the Gibson LP GT has a dual action truss rod. I can find no other Gibson LP models with a Dual Action Truss Rod. Does anyone know of others?
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    70% are new (ish) hires at Gibson

    I spoke with a friend at the Gibson USA shop who informed me that only 30% of the USA shop worked there Pre-Bankrupcy. 70% of them were hired since mid 2019. Just thought I would pass that on. (they had a party today and Marcus King played and JC announced that at the party)
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    Customs vs Historics which one is the better guitar?

    It is a custom made truss rod cover that says "Big Daddy" (that's what the kids call me. Was a gift. I have the original in the case.
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    Best place to buy a Historic in Japan or US

    Correct if you live in a place with adequate selection. Some of our siblings in other countries have a quite limited selection and pay DEARLY for importing what they desire. I am speaking to those guys.

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