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    Slash has bought the Robert Johnson ‘burst

    This is old but he states he records with his old guitars,but don't tour them.
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    1960 Burst Restoration

    Not only has he stated he was keeping it,He said he is gonna gig it regularly.:acoustic:
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    1959 "Pumpkin" Burst

    Love the color and flame....congrats
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    HNGD kinda, bought a broke one

    A new Standard for the price of a used Studio.....Excellent
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    Slash has bought the Robert Johnson ‘burst

    He plays the new burst in this video.
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    Tell Your First Experience/Exposure to a Les Paul Guitar

    First exposure was Thin Lizzy or Reo Speedwagon in late 70"s But The dude with the Tophat in 88 sealed the deal.
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    Who’s Les Paul Tone Are You Really Liking Right Now?

    Richrath,Moore & Slash are my favorites . Nobody ever mentions Mick Jones of Foreigner & Spookytooth. He has great tone.
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    Izzy Stradlin

    I always viewed Izzy as underrated and Irreplaceable to GNR....Until I seen the Not In This Lifetime show. Fortus more than hold his own.
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    '53 conversion / Playing Jimmy as I sing Plant

    Killer guitar....Awesome playing and singing.
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    1960 Les Paul Special Headstock Repair - Greg Platzer is a Wizard

    Looks great.....Enjoy in good health.
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    1957 Gibson Les Paul model guitar from under the bed NEAR MINT!

    :wow:The tuner tips look like new. What a find.Amazing condition.
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    Who's a quitter?

    I quit after getting pneumonia at Christmas 2014,I smoked for 30+ yrs.
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    Cool trio of conversions

    Nice work.I have seen the before pics of #1....Great save.
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    LP Copy