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    Tone Controls On Guitar. WHY???

    Low impedance pickups, balanced cables going between guitar and amp; Les Paul invented that and used it for a few years and then went back to the High impedance pickups with unbalanced lines.
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    Is Tone Specific created from the same person from Virgil Arlo?

    I saw an add on facebook for Creme Brûlée Oreo Cookies. Now I own a pair of Creme Brûlée pickups from James at ReWind and they sound fantastic, but I do not think they would taste good in an Oreo Cookie.
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    Epiphone ES335 pro and comparison to Gibson 335 review

    This is my Epiphone ES335 Pro IT. It is my #1 guitar. My first ES335 was a 1961 Gibson ES335 TDC that I bought brand new in the late 1960's. ES335 PRO by DavidRamey posted May 20, 2016 at 7:54 PM
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    NAD 1957 Gibson GA-5

    If it sounds good, it is good.
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    NAD 1957 Gibson GA-5

    The very first guitar I owned was a Gibson Melody Maker, the very first amp I owned was a Gibson Skylark GA-5. Bought them new back in the mid 60's.
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    my Champ is dead

    Maybe your Champ is jealous of you getting the Lead 12.
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    Old school PAF pickups

    I honestly believe that you could give identical pickup parts to 10 different winders and end up with 10 different sounding pickups. Most people think of pickups as a sum of their parts and in the process forget about the technique of the winder. The technique is just as important as the parts.
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    DR Strings

    This is where I get my Pyramid strings.
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    Advice on these upgrades... Epiphone ES-335 PRO Limited

    I have an Epiphone ES335 Pro IT. I changed the fake Kluson tuners to real Kluson tuners. I installed a Graph Tech nut, Rewind PAF humbuckers, Faber bridge and tailpiece, 50's wiring and the short pick guard. The two upgrades I did that effected the tone the most are the ReWind PAFs and the...
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    What's the worst (tube) Amp you've played?

    Peavey ValveKing Royal 8.
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    DR Strings

    I switched from DR Pure Blues to Pyramid Nickel Classics. They cost more but they last a long time and keep their tone for a long time too. Pyramid Nickel Classics are pure nickel wound on a round core. They are made in Germany.
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    Worst Sounding Amp That You've Experienced

    Peavey ValveKing Royal 8.
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    Your opinion: best deal on a semi hollow 335 style

    I have an Epiphone ES335 Pro IT. It is my favorite guitar.ES335 PRO by DavidRamey posted May 20, 2016 at 7:54 PM
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    LIC Pedals free GIVEAWAY

    I don't have instagram.
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    I'm Looking for Light Snow...

    Here in Soldotna Alaska the low for Friday night is supposed to be 44˚F with a high of 65˚F.

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