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    The Leo Fender clean amp myth

    Yeah, whatever his preferences, there is no doubt there was a progression from less power and more breakup through more power and less breakup. I have a brown Deluxe clone and a Deluxe Reverb clone. The brown Deluxe gives it up WAY earlier than the Blackface. It isn't even close. The...
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    Gibson 498T - 490R pickups/Les Paul Custom; perfect combo.

    I use the Beano side of my Sunlion with a JB, and I agree. It's very, very 70s metal, Black Sabbath, stoner rock. It's a cool tone. I haven't had the 498t in the guitar since I got the Sunlion, but it sounds so much like a JB I certainly think it would confirm your observation if I put it...
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    Gibson 498T - 490R pickups/Les Paul Custom; perfect combo.

    The coolest thing about both of them is they will do classic rock. They aren't ideal for that, and that's mostly what I play, so I have a preference for the Pearlies in my 16 LP. But if you roll back the volume on the JB or the 498t just a hair, they're right in that same wheelhouse. A little...
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    Creamtone Issues

    I just got a couple of automated emails from Creamtone giving me a tracking number, but also indicating that there was going to be a delay. I'm good with that. The communication was later than I'd like, but he is running the show by himself, so just saying "hey, give me some time" is good...
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    Creamtone Issues

    That's my gripe too. I don't mind waiting. But if it says "in stock," and it also says "most items ship in 3 business days" (which it does), then sitting here 2 weeks after I ordered with no shipping and no communication is irritating. I love the dude's products. And I truly am not trying to...
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    Creamtone Issues

    Honestly, I'm willing to. I run my own business. I've been underwater with work before. I know exactly what it's like. But at some point you have to communicate. Just tell me what's going on, give me the option to cancel my order or wait, something. You can't just sit back and let stuff...
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    Creamtone Issues

    I ordered a set of knobs on the 11th. Email a week later. No response. I really want the knobs but I’m filing a dispute if they don’t ship soon. If they aren’t in stock I doubt I’ll ever see them. If they are, several weeks is plenty of time to ship. If he’s so far behind he can’t ship in 2-3...
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    Replace speaker to hit overdrive sooner?

    This. An inefficient speaker can knock 3-4 db off of the volume, which helps get breakup at lower volume (and has the added benefit/detriment of getting lower volume across the volume range, so if you need it to be super loud onstage, which most of us don't, it can work against you too).
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    How many guitars to get to your #1

    It was my fourth. The third is still my favorite though — it’s a Strat my wife and kids got me for my 40th birthday. They went in this order. 96 American Standard Telecaster 08 PRS DGT (since traded for my 2nd Les Paul) 09 Eric Johnson Strat Then number 1, a 93 Les Paul Standard.
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    2016 Traditional

    They're amazing in mine. Mine is pretty light, and it has a more midrangy, loose tone than my 93 Standard. If yours is heavier and/or tighter in tone, they might not work as well, though I like them in my 93 too.
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    Raw/unfinished vs polished nickel covers?

    Aged nickel covers on this one. No covers on this one.
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    A Guide To Checking Bobbin Colors Without Removing Covers

    I generally take one screw out of the baseplate on each side (to ensure it's a true double creme or double black versus zebra or whatever). Sometimes I have to shine a flashlight in there to be sure.
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    2016 Traditional

    That is a beauty! My 2016 Traditional (the one in my avatar) looks a lot like it, but with a little less flame. Mine's sort of a hybrid top -- a plametop if you will. Anyway, mine came with Antiquities and they sounded great but it has the Custom Shop Pearly Gates set in it now and they are...
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    Can You Tell Vintage PAF Pole Screws From Fakes?

    I'm going to say A just because it has the most rust.
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    Post your 2 favorite amps

    Yes, both are 1x12. The Down Brownie is a brown deluxe clone with added features. It has a Weber 12a125s speaker and is 20 watts. The Club D’Lux is a 22 watt Deluxe Reverb clone. It has a Weber 12f150.

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