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    NAD - Hughes and Kettner Grand Meister Deluxe 40

    Grats man! Enjoy :D!
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    NAD - Big Boy is home!!

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    NAD - Blackstar HT5RH. First tube amp!

    I have a Sovtek 12AX7 LPS on this amp -- it does sound a little bit more hifi than a JJ, but I like it on the HT5. Try both, they're cheap and you get a spare :)
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    NAD - Blackstar HT5RH. First tube amp!

    Enjoy man, grats!
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    Price Check: 1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb + Advice

    Why not just get a reissue and a new speaker (if you want to) and save the rest? You're trying to sell guitars, not the amp :) I have a reissue and it's very inspiring stock (I just changed a single preamp tube -- ~$20).
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    Blues Jr III w/Cannabis Rex vs DRRI

    I use mine with pedals and it works fine: Plexi-Drive, Pinnacle Deluxe, Euphoria, Velvet Fuzz, TS clone, Soulfood and it's fine with all of them. A bonus is that since it has two physical channels, it's great for loopers since the signal chains are different (I use channel 1 mainly for clean...
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    Blues Jr III w/Cannabis Rex vs DRRI

    I have a DRRI and it's the classical Fender cleans sound. I'd get the DRRI :) Having said that, I'd also get a Blues Jr but already have too many amps :laugh2:
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    Anyone A-B'd a Mesa Mini Rectifier next to a Mini Mark V 25?

    Actually the amp has several gainy tones: pushed clean (10/25 watts), vintage (10/25) and modern (10/25). The modern setting is the typical recto "wall of sound" flavor but the rest are different. Also, I mention the 10/25 setting because it changes the voicing noticeably. On 10 watts it's...
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    Marshall Class 5 Trade for 2 Pedals?

    Very nice :)! Enjoy :D
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    JJEL34L, Anyone using them?

    I like them and I use them. If your tone is lacking bottom end, you might want to take a look at KT77s which are interchangeable with EL34s and provide a different sonic footprint. I've used the ones made by JJ as well.
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    Best amp head ? Friedman Pink Taco or Suhr Badger 30.

    I found the Suhr to be a tad fizzy. The Friedman is more liquid, so to speak. I'd pick the Friedman.
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    Better for pedal platform - '65 DRRI or '68 Custom Reverb?

    With my DRRI I normally use the dirt pedals on the normal channel (less bright) and keep the cleans on the other channel. I really like the fact of having two different physical channels since I have two different chains on each one :)
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    NAD: Happy Birthday to Me!

    Great family! Enjoy :D
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    Orange Micro Terror

    My favorite tube is a JJ 5751. I tried several (including a Tungsol and some NOS tubes).
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    Two new low watt Peavey MicroHeads being released.

    Very interesting no doubt. Waiting on the price list...