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    pup change???

    I replaced the standard epi's with Gibson Burstbuckers plus Gibson pots....awesome! I've played it back to back with Gibson LP and the tone is identical!
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    1967 Marshall Cab 8x10

    Guessing there aren't that many of these out there? Anyone have an idea how much it could be worth? I've had it for about 15 years but was lucky enough not to have paid much for it at the time.
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    Pot and pups

    Hi there - I replaced the standard Epiphone pickups on my Goldtop with Gibson Burstbuckers 1# and 2#. It made such a difference! I also replaced the pots with Gibson longshafts (which was a little bit of a mistake....should have used short shafts but it really doesn't make that much of a...
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    Amp cleaner

    Cool idea - I should have thought about the car cleaning a garage full of that stuff :D Thanks guys.
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    1967 Marshall Cab 8x10

    Taken in the band practice room - tweed or basket weave?
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    1967 Marshall Cab 8x10

    Just wondering if anyone else has a Marshall 8x10 cab with a tweed front. I've had this cab for years and would love to know how many of these are out there and what they are worth. I use it with a JCM 800 Bass Series head (used to be a bass player in a band) but works great as a guitar amp too.
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    Amp cleaner

    Does anyone have any good tips for cleaning amps up. Is there any suitable polishes or cleaners out there?
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    Orange Crush 15R?

    I have an Orange Crush 30R for playing around the house and easily transportable. It's got a nice clean sound but the overdrive is pretty crap. Works well if you use a pedal with it though. My other amp is a Marshall 8x10 with JCM800 (I love this amp) but its just too much of beast to roll-out...
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    new humbuckers and new electronics?

    You will need to drill a wider hole for the Gibson long shaft pots. The toggle switch is supposed to be a real nightmare to I didn't bother with that.
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    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    Removed my previous comments about a guitar on ebay....too sensitive to fakes now...
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    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    Even though these stand-out as fakes I wonder what they sound like? Has anyone had the mis-fortune to buy one? I would love to know what they actually sound like. Do they sound as bad as they look?
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    Replacing humbuckers

    These are the changes I made and my Epiphone Goldtop sounds awesome now: Gibson - Burstbucker Pickups #1 & #2 Gibson 500k pots and matching Gold Hats Bone Top Nut
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    Pot Lengths?

    Yes, short....I've learnt the hard way. Mine has long and it looks a bit weird! I bought it referred to Les Paul. At least I can clean the under the hats now :D...
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    Am I just a "pretender" since I don't have a Gibby?

    If I was lucky enough to have a Gibson I'd also want to justify the amount of money I'd spent :D It doesn't bother me.... I'm happy to drive the Boxster rather than the 911 :D
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    Best upgrades for epiphones

    It is but it also costs a hell of a lot more (well at least in the UK it does). Epi cost me £200 plus parts, so I've spent around £400 altogether. A Gilbson Goldtop I would be looking at between £1,500 and £3,000! - which I don't have. If I could afford to buy a Gibson, then yes I would...

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