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    A Jimmy Page no.2 you may not have seen

    Thats a nice $4,000.00 guitar there. Gibson hype cost $41,000.00
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    New look for the "Allman Burst" - Sheptone Blue Sky PUs

    100% better looking with the covers on.
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    R0 Plain Top vs R8

    R8 are the Bomb!
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    Sunrise teaburst @ Sunset 9 1659

    2010 R8 plain top with Major Mojo tone. Sunrise teaburst, the best color for R's as it most closely resembles a faded cherry sunburst of the late 50's. These reduced picture size limitations makes it look much more clowny burst than it is, it's actually very subtle.
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    First stages of aging my R8

    Oh, it's a secret...:rolleyes:
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    Gary Moore death [merged]

    No, I'm not a doctor and I think my wording is misleading. What I was trying to say is that an over bloated face is sometimes a sign of heavy drinking. I have no idea if Moore was a drinker, he most certainly did have a bloated face. Being that young without any known health issues and dropping...
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    Gary Moore death [merged]

    Don't know if this has been posted but the NY Daily news said this: Though an official cause of death had not been released, London's The Sun reported that Moore was a casualty of a rock 'n' roll lifestyle, having choked on his vomit after a drinking binge. Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy...
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    Gary Moore death [merged]

    RIP. Very Sad. Some of his latest pictures suggest he has been a heavy drinker. His face is so bloated, a sure sign of to much drink.
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    Hardware Comparision Thread

    Curious to what people are using as a guide to original aged burst plastic colors? Unless you have one to compare with whats the guide? Beauty of the Burst is so poorly printed color wise, nothing should be used in it to compare colors! Just look at the difference in the colors of the...
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    Finishing experts, What should I use to lightly dull finish?

    Very good idea, that sounds like the best way to go with the most control. Thanks! :)
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    Finishing experts, What should I use to lightly dull finish?

    I have a 2010 Vos R8 that I want to dull the finish down a little to look more like a well aged burst that has been taken care of. Nothing crazy just a little off the shine. I plane on doing a light relic to the plastic and metal parts also. I don't know what works best with this type of...
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    Not Another Aged Les Paul...

    That looks like they poured a mask on, trimmed the edges with a blade a little ( not enough ) then sprayed the guitar only to remove the mask showing the bare wood. Not very realistic when looked at close up. I should add, I love reliced guitars when they look like the real deal, not faked...
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    Hardware Comparision Thread

    Wow some people are really anal about their plastics, and thats ok.
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    My New R8 has to tight of pots, can I loosen them up?

    Thanks for the help guys!
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    My New R8 has to tight of pots, can I loosen them up?

    My volume and tone controls are a little stiff on my new R8. When playing you really need to grab the knobs with 2 fingers to turn unlike my other guitars where you can just roll a finger on them to get them to move. Is there anyway to get them to loosen up other than just turning the heck...

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